No significant difference between green and non-green building costs

September 02, 2007 |

The cost to build green remains on par with standard construction costs, according to a study published in July by cost management consulting firm Davis Langdon. Conducted in 2006, the study, “The Cost of Green Revisited,” is an update to the firm's 2004 study that found that sustainable building was not necessarily more expensive than non-sustainable building.

According to the new study, while average construction costs have risen 20-30% across the board since 2004, most of the LEED-seeking projects studied achieved sustainability goals within the initial budget, with only a few projects needing minimal supplemental funding.

A total of 221 building projects were analyzed, 83 with a LEED goal and 138 without. The types of buildings studied included 60 academic facilities, 70 laboratories, 57 libraries, 18 community centers, and 17 ambulatory care facilities.

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