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May 01, 2001 |

The lighter side

Who says engineers don't have a sense of humor? New Web site plays on the lighter side of engineering by inviting professionals to share humorous or frustrating situations encountered on projects. Sections on the site poke fun at inaccurate or confusing language used in construction and joke about erroneous legal issues.

Power control

Building engineers can turn on, monitor in real time and turn off on-site generation systems from any Web browser with this energy-management system. SiteWeb enhances management of energy costs, especially for the curtailment of electricity use during high-cost utility periods.

Web navigation easier

A builder's Web site is the latest to use SinglePage, software that renders the "back" and "forward" buttons on Web browsers unnecessary. The software allows only relevant data to be updated, improving navigation. Quadrant Homes uses the gizmo for its "virtual design center."

Safer high schools

Beulah High School in Lee County, Ala., is one of the first to employ live, Internet-based video surveillance to aid in law-enforcement efforts during emergencies. In mid-March, the school staged a mock disaster under the auspices of Safe Schools America, a crisis-response training group, featuring terrorists storming the facility with bombs and taking hostages.

Escalator stream

To help keep toes and party dresses from becoming trapped between escalator steps and skirts, a new design standard has been written. An online streaming video depicts the perils of escalator use and the benefits of the new standard, ASME A17.1d, courtesy of the National Elevator Industry Inc., a trade group.

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