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November 01, 2002 |

Software caters to contractors

QuickBooks, the software currently used by 350,000 contractors to manage their finances, has released a special contractor edition for 2003. Built for businesses with up to 20 employees, the software's contractor-specific features include improved job costing, more accurate job estimates and specialized reports.

Glass performance calculator

Any designers looking to customize solar control coated glass can use a new online calculator that gives a performance summary based on the choice of six color categories as well as laminated or insulated glass. The performance summary gives visible light, shading coefficient, U-value, and thermal stress recommendations.

Cement benefits online

The Slag Cement Association has introduced a new Web site that aims to help educate the construction industry as well as the general public about the benefits of blast furnace slag-based cementitious products. Site features include descriptions of how slag cement is produced, facts on the positive environmental impacts of the material, and information on handling and placement procedures.

Interactive business advice

A new Web site offers business advice to the owners and key decision makers of construction and contracting-related businesses during an interactive online session. Run by parent company BusinessMatters Inc., the site provides resolution to the businessperson's problem at the end of the online question and answer session.

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