Newly formed group challenges Florida building code

Window, door companies oppose provisions that raise costs

August 28, 2015 |
Newly formed group challenges Florida building code

Tampa's T. C. Taliaferro House. Photo: Ebyabe/Wikimedia Commons

A new group, the Impact Window Affordability and Safety Association (IWASA), is fighting the implementation of part of the Florida Building Code.

The organization, consisting of seven door and window companies in Florida, objects to provisions of the latest version of the code, which increases energy efficiency requirements for impact doors and windows. The group says this will have a major impact on businesses.

The association filed a motion with the Florida Building Commission to oppose a provision that would have all replacement fenestration in existing buildings comply with U-factor and SHGC requirements consistent with the state code. The provision would include renovations.

Opponents claim that because a significant portion of their work consists of replacing fenestration in existing buildings that are not being renovated, they will be required to “incur substantial costs in connection with testing and retooling for new windows.”

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