New CO-PLATE makes revenue generation through CO detector replacement easier

August 22, 2013 |

St. Charles, IL – With the first round of system-connected carbon monoxide (CO) detectors reaching their end of life, there’s a big opportunity for dealers and installers to increase their revenue streams through CO detector replacements. System Sensor has launched a new CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide Detector Plate to coincide with this opportunity. 

“The first system-connected CO detectors were a lot bigger and more intrusive than our more-advanced, low-profile CO1224T carbon monoxide detector,” said Jackie Lorenty, Senior Product Manager with System Sensor. “So if you want to upgrade your customers to the best CO detection available, there’s the problem of covering the outline of that old, bulky detector while keeping your installation time and costs down.” The CO-PLATE addresses this issue to greatly simplify CO detector replacement.

Designed to perfectly cover the footprint of the previously installed detector, the CO-PLATE can be mounted in seconds for a clean, low-profile finish ideal for commercial and residential applications. This seamless installation saves time and money.

Lorenty added, “Best of all, the CO-PLATE enables you to upgrade your customers to the award-winning CO1224T Carbon Monoxide Detector with RealTest™ – the best protection you can provide your customers.” RealTest is the first and only functional CO test fully compliant with NFPA 720:2009. Only RealTest enables installers to leave the job knowing that their customers are being protected from deadly CO gas.

To learn more, contact System Sensor at 800/736-7672 or visit 

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