Must-see: Modular hotel made from recycled pipes in Mexico

This modular hotel made from recycled pipes was built to provide affordable accommodations outside of Cuernavaca while bringing in increased tourism. Each room contains a queen bed and panoramic views of the Sierra del Tepozteco.
The Tubehotel was designed by t3arc, and was inspired by Andreas Strauss and the Desparkhotel, as well as the need to adapt inexpensive rooms for guests. All of the tubes are arranged around a central courtyard, and some were placed on top of each other to create a second story. This allows a denser guest population, and the upper floors have better views. 
The tubes are each 2.44 meters wide and 3.50 meters long, and are equipped with room for storage as well as a queen bed. The end caps are custom built and provide windows with curtains for privacy. These caps also have doors on one side. Two communal bathrooms are offered by the hotel, given that there's no way to fit bathrooms in the rooms themselves.
t3arc built the first three rooms and the hotel was responsible for the other 17; construction of the project was completed in 3 months. 
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