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INSTALL transforms historic landmark through challenging flooring installation

The complicated retrofit was managed with precision by an INSTALL-certified team and seamlessly blended an intricate mix of flooring products in an open-concept environment. 

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September 29, 2017 |
The interior finishes of the AIMI Corporate Office

The Butler Square building was once a 1,800-seat athletic venue for the Minneapolis Millers and the St. Paul Saints. A century later, this nine-story historic landmark in Downtown Minneapolis is better known as the home to corporate offices for companies like AIMIA. After an extensive renovation, INSTALL Warranty contractor Sonus Interiors was thorough with the new flooring installation, creating zoned workspaces that are welcoming to both clients and employees.


Project:  AIMIA Corporate Office
Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Contractor:  Sonus Interiors


Design Overview

Relocating AIMIA’s U.S. corporate headquarters to the historic Butler Square building in downtown Minneapolis was an opportunity for architect MSR Design to help the company redefine its workplace culture. Gone were traditional cubicles, and in entered expansive collaborative workspaces, meeting tables and lounge-type furniture that provide choice and flexibility for employees. Three different color-coded neighborhoods provide differentiation and facilitate wayfinding throughout the office.


Installation Challenges

Faced with a limited budget, MSR selected cost-effective finishes and furniture to be used in innovative ways. While these decisions ultimately saved money, the flooring installation process was complex and time constraints meant that there was zero room for error.


INSTALL Warranty Contractor Sonus Interiors was selected to head up the flooring installation based on a preexisting relationship with the property management team. They were entrusted with the renovation, and immediately got to work with the architect to plan and install the intricate zoned design.


Incorporating twenty four different types of carpet, this project was no ordinary retrofit. In fact, the interior architect’s design was so complex that one journeyman was devoted to navigating the pattern, while the other journeyman completed the installation.


The interior finishes of the AIMI Corporate Office


The pattern wasn’t the only challenge. During the initial tear-out of the existing office space, the floors were so sticky from previous glue that you could literally get stuck in it. Having construction debris ground into the glue would have been a nightmare, so Sonus Interiors used a primer to seal the existing floors. If they had not done this, the time spent to scrape the floors of construction debris would have been exhausting, and it would have been a hazard to the other trades working in the space.



While the project proved complicated, with unexpected finds and a tight timeline, there was no delay when it came to the flooring installation. Thanks to Sonus Interiors’ INSTALL training and certification, the team was able to ensure the integrity of the intricate design and provide a vibrant and contemporary new home for AIMIA. The resulting installation offers a seamless, bright and playful space that employees will enjoy for many years to come.


INSTALL understands the importance of quality installation. You can renovate with confidence and exceed expectations with INSTALL as your flooring insurance. We provide our certified flooring installers with the training and expertise to deliver the floor as you designed it.


Learn more about the benefits of INSTALL for specifiers and trust that your next job is done right the first time.


Contact:  John McGrath
Phone:  215-582-4108

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