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If film directors designed homes, what would they look like?

From Burton to Bergman, Gondry to Greenway, artist Federico Babina illustrates what buildings would look like if designed by the world’s greatest directors.

June 23, 2015 |
If film directors designed homes, what would they look like?

A sample from Federico Babina's latest series, Archidirector. Illustrations courtesy Federico Babina

Illustrator and graphic designer Federico Babina imagined what architecture would look like if it was designed by famous film directors, and then transferred his designs from thought to paper (or digital pixels) in a collection titled Archidirector.

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas’ home looks like a futuristic, R2D2-esque robotic home, while Alfred Hitchcock’s home is depicted as an eerily botched midcentury edifice.

Tim Burton’s home is nothing short of the whimsical, rustic, and spooky aesthetic you see in his movies, and Zhang Yimou’s home shows obvious references to his Academy Award-nominated 1991 film "Raise the Red Lantern," that gave him internation.

Here's a sampling from the Archidirector collection (view the full collection on Babina’s website):


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