Get the red out

February 01, 2001 |

Two locations of an Austin, Texas, credit union are protected by a suite of security and fire-protection products including pull stations, a burglar/fire-alarm system, two-wire smoke detectors and a fire thermostat in the night drop safe. Also part of the system are "hold-up" buttons, motion sensors and door contacts to complement the access-control and video surveillance equipment that provide for redundant 24-hour remote monitoring.

Although not required by local authorities, the branch location has full-area smoke detection and notification appliances installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards and state and federal ADA requirements. A red fire keypad allows navigation of the controls.

The larger main office has a fire-alarm system with six zones and a digital alarm communicator. Field devices include pull stations, two-wire smoke detectors, fire thermostats in the night drop and ATM equipment and notification appliances.

Napco Security Systems.

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