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May 02, 2008 |

Moisture Control: Envelope Strategies and Techniques for Protecting Building Value

Among all the challenges plaguing buildings in the U.S., moisture-related problems are at the top of the list. This report offers design solutions for avoiding the long list of problems that relate to poorly designed envelope systems for moisture management, such as corrosion, mold growth, and even excess draw on a building's HVAC systems.

Using Wood for Sustainable Design + Construction

Wood has long been considered an environmentally friendly resource. Today, even more focus is being placed on the recycling and renewability aspects of wood, as well as the use of certified forest land. This report compares the environmental merits of wood and discusses sustainable design considerations for wood structures, envelopes, and finishes.

Severe Weather Solutions: New Threats, New Technologies

When a major hurricane comes ashore in a populated area, some property loss is inevitable. But sturdy construction of buildings and the addition of protective devices can reduce losses. This special report describes new approaches to protecting buildings and their occupants from weather effects by using building materials and systems.

Design Criteria for Windows + Doors

Incorporating windows and doors into a building envelope presents one of the toughest tasks for the Building Team. This article covers the key factors in the design, specification, and installation of these important building components, including material selection, fenestration performance, energy efficiency, sustainability, acoustical performance, security, and code compliance.

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