A cut above

December 01, 2000 |

When people think of high-traffic areas, a hair salon is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But wear and tear on floors, along with the constant sweeping and moping let alone the foot traffic can reek havoc on tile and laminates. It was time for Shear Delights Hair Designs in Dallas to replace the flooring in the salon. The owner of the salon, Ann Bryan, had to look into a product that could not only handle the constant cleansing, but also the hair spray, hair dye and other styling products.

It was decided that Traffic Zone High-Performance Laminate would be installed in the salon. "I have waxed the hardwood floors in my home every holiday for the last 30 years, so my goal was low maintenance" says Bryan. "It actually surprises people when they ask if I have to wax it, and I say, 'Nope, just mop and go home.'"

Bruce Laminate Floors. Circle 215

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