Construction Completed on 2012 Olympics Aquatics Center

The final tile was laid in the competition pool at the London 2012 Aquatics Center, marking one year to go until the opening ceremony of the greenest ever Olympic Games.

The latest of the six main Olympic Park venues to be finished, the Aquatics Center with its unique 160-m long wave-shaped roof has been built on time and on budget and sets new standards in sustainability design, according to London 2012 organizers.

Measuring over 200-m long with a 22,000 meter-squared footprint, the center is the second largest main venue after the Olympic Stadium, and will form the gateway to the Games. It will host swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and the swimming discipline of the modern pentathlon. As well as boasting sustainable and recycled materials in its construction, a key feature of its sustainability design will be the venue’s legacy. Once the Games are completed, the Aquatics Park will transform from an Olympic venue with a capacity to hold 17,500, into a 2,500 capacity venue providing two 50 meter swimming pools with moveable floors and separation booms, a diving pool and dry diving area for community and events use.


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