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Building Materials | Jun 1, 2016

MIT study: Microscopic structure of natural materials can inspire better concrete

Bones and sea sponges are highly organized at the molecular level, while concrete consists of random composites.

High-rise Construction | Mar 28, 2016

SOM’s Salt Lake City skyscraper uses innovative structural system to suspend itself over a neighboring building

The hat truss-supported office tower was topped off in January, rising 25 stories above the Salt Lake City streets.

Concrete Technology | Jan 27, 2016

New concrete can make roads, sidewalks safer by melting ice and snow

The de-icing concrete uses an electrical current to generate heat to keep roads safer during winter storms.

3D Printing | Jan 25, 2016

Architecture students create new method for 3D printing concrete

The team's Fossilized project allows for structures that are more varied and volumetric than other forms so far achieved.

Great Solutions | Jan 20, 2016

Digitally fabricated concrete formwork pushes the limits of what can be cost-effectively constructed in concrete

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger and CW Keller use 3D modeling and CNC machining to advance concrete construction.

Great Solutions | Jan 20, 2016

Sasaki Associates develops simple yet novel solution for precast concrete complication

Its double-angle cladding anchor maintains the air/water/vapor barrier integrity and continuous insulation while still allowing for the desired versatility of precast panels.

Great Solutions | Jan 19, 2016

Concrete innovation: voided biaxial slab slashes weight, saves concrete

System reduces slab dead load by 30% on medical clinic project

Concrete | Jan 15, 2016

Fallingwater to Sydney Opera House: Ranking the world’s best concrete buildings

Large and small, some of the most iconic structures of all time were made of the composite building material.

Vertical Transportation | Aug 5, 2015

ThyssenKrupp’s maglev elevator test tower almost ready

The 761-foot concrete tower will enable the manufacturer to test its maglev elevator prototypes. The new elevators will be moved by magnets, allowing for vertical and horizontal movement of multiple cars in one shaft.

Museums | Jul 28, 2015

MUST SEE: Zaha Hadid's latest museum project is built into a mountain

The museum, dedicated to legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner, is embedded within Mount Kronplatz in northern Italy.

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