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Concrete | Mar 8, 2017

Building success with NUDURA Insulated Building Technology

Research provides evidence that schools throughout North America are moving toward greener and healthier building solutions and the demand for energy performance has become increasingly more important.

Wood | Jan 13, 2017

Steel and concrete's take on tall wood

The American Institute of Steel Construction contends that the steel industry is a “world leader” in using recycled material and end-of-life recycling, and has made strides to lower greenhouse gas emissions below regulatory requirements.

Concrete Technology | Dec 5, 2016

Telescopic walls could help combat the damages of floodwaters

The project is currently under development by a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Buffalo.

Concrete | Nov 11, 2016

Fabcon Precast is built for speed

It’s difficult for other construction methods to match Fabcon’s speed, especially when weather is a determining factor–as it almost always is in Canada.

Codes and Standards | Oct 12, 2016

Making concrete greener

The high energy-consuming material can be made more sustainably.

Concrete | Aug 2, 2016

Concrete Association builds case against cross-laminated timber

The campaign asserts that not enough is known about CLT in construction

Concrete | Jul 20, 2016

Arup ensures Mexico City concrete skyscraper can withstand seismic activity

Double-V hangers and irregularly spaced gaps allow the structure to bend.


3D Printing | Jun 14, 2016

By 2021, 3D concrete printing is projected to be a $56.4 million industry

The 3D concrete printing industry is expected to more than double in size within the next five years.

Concrete | Jun 13, 2016

American Concrete Institute releases new Guide to Shotcrete

Includes information on application procedures, testing.


Concrete | Jun 7, 2016

Concrete Institute publishes document providing concrete curing guidance

New curing monitoring techniques included.


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