CF DataSystems accounting partner to Tradepower

June 29, 2001 |

TradePower, an e-business solutions provider for the construction industry, has announced a new accounting integration partner. C/F Data Systems Inc., a provider of accounting and project management software for the construction industry, will link its contractor management accounting software to TradePower's e-procurement solutions.

The agreement will enable full integration of C/F Data's office accounting and project management software with TradePower's e-procurement capabilities.  Through this link, C/F Data users will utilize TradePower's online exchange to integrate their purchasing information from all fax, phone and electronic orders directly into the C/F Data accounting system, virtually eliminating duplicate order entry.

'TradePower is pleased to partner with C/F Data to provide electrical contractors with e-procurement-based products and services,' said Michael Llewellyn, CEO of TradePower.  'TradePower is dedicated to delivering solutions to contractors for dramatic savings in processing time and costs, and increased efficiency in their overall business process.'

'We chose to work with TradePower because of their e-business technology and understanding of contractors' needs,' said Dennis Coleman, president of C/F Data Systems.  'By linking our software to TradePower's solutions, contractors will be able to utilize the most effective procurement process.'

TradePower's contractor solutions

TradePower offers contractors and suppliers the integrated solutions necessary for efficient business operation.  TradePower's Estimation is the industry's premier estimating system, providing a fast, accurate, and efficient way to estimate.  PowerPRO materials management system puts contractors in control of the procurement process, enabling them to easily produce and track purchase orders and requisitions, manage materials and backorders, and export price and cost data to accounting systems.  And all of TradePower's solutions integrate with PowerStation, allowing access to real-time price and product availability information instantly through the Internet.

About C/F Data Systems Inc.

Since 1979, C/F Data Systems has delivered contractor approved, accountant tested, contractor management software to both general contractors and specialty subcontractors.  Structure, their accounting package based in Microsoft Windows, integrates the significant quantifiable elements of a construction project and a construction business.  Structure's various data entry screens and reporting modules are integrated to minimize data entry while maximizing accuracy and cross-links.  C/F Data is headquartered in East Weymouth, Mass.

About TradePower

TradePower delivers integrated software and e-business solutions to the commercial construction industry to help contractors and suppliers run their businesses more efficiently.  Founded by leading software developers with more than 28 years of construction industry experience, TradePower delivers solutions that integrate e-commerce transactions with contractors and distributors' existing business systems.  TradePower provides the tools and resources that link business processes - desktop to desktop - through a centralized, integrated, and automated online exchange.  Unlike traditional marketplaces that require users to change buying behaviors to take advantage of the Internet, TradePower provides an evolutionary approach that revolutionizes the purchasing process without changing how contractors and distributors conduct business.  The result is improved business operations that reduce overhead costs and fulfillment errors, while enhancing customer satisfaction.  TradePower is headquartered in Linthicum Heights, Md.

For more information about TradePower's solutions, products, and services, please call (888) 818.3644, visit or send e-mail to

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