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4 people speaking on a panel
Sasha Reed
In this four-part series, Bluebeam VP Sasha Reed sat down with industry experts to examine the need for defining and...
A newly developed waterfront space in London

London is creating and redeveloping spaces with strong cultural offerings. Image © Mike Stezycki.

What does Good Growth mean and how do we set about achieving it?
An aerial photograph of the UW Madison campus
SmithGroupJJR's Perspectives blog
Recognizing that the future health of the campus and lake are interdependent, this innovative approach will achieve...
Children working on laptops
NACLab Blog
Simply defined, blended learning mixes face-to-face with online instruction.
Terminal Modernization: Why Bother?
GS&P Dialogue
A terminal modernization program can be a complicated and expensive task that airport operators may be hesitant to...
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The exterior of a building clad in metal panels
Jeff Alexander
Although square and rectangular wall panels have been the norm, new shape and texture trends are emerging.
A hallway and study space at the Samueli Academy
LPA Blog LPA Blog
Flexible, modern classrooms should be viewed as a key element of a sound financial strategy, producing a solid return-...
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A full bathroom
Bill Bridgeman
It is easier than ever today to design commercial projects with accessible spaces that look as good as they perform. 
A man sits in a cafe

Image Jeff Sheldon,

Despite our enhanced understanding of how integral socialization and engagement are to long-term health, we continue to...
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