Gensler Dialogue
In the workplace, digital solutions and platforms have eliminated some of the noise by improving guest check-in,...
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Good connection design makes use of wood’s natural characteristics and harnesses its strengths.
Data centers as a service: The next big opportunity for design teams

Courtesy İsmail Enes Ayhan, Unsplash


VIATechnik blog
As data centers compete to process more data with lower latency, the AEC industry is ideally positioned to develop...
GBBN Insights GBBN Insights
The workplace will most certainly look different in the future, but how different it looks will be unique to every...

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Cannon Design Blog
What will be the new normal in the post-COVID-19 world and to what extent will the way we interact with the built...
SmithGroup Perspectives blog
We can use this moment as a test-case to build greater flexibility into how we pursue, win and deliver capital...
CallisonRTKL blog
The lessons learned in the next few months can help shape how we work and design in the future. For now, remote work...

Stantec’s Urban Places proposal for lively new mixed-use neighborhood in suburban Newton, Massachusetts was endorsed in a town-wide referendum that demonstrated community-wide support for “greener density.”

Stantec Blog
How we can help our clients and communities transition to planning in the post-pandemic world.
Nathan Miller
Sure – computers today look nicer, the experience using them has improved, and we can do exponentially more with them...
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