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Tamlyn and the University of Houston partner to educate the architects of tomorrow

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Tamlyn and the University of Houston partner to educate the architects of tomorrow

TAMLYN | January 18, 2019

A rigorous university program is essential to prepare students for a career in architecture. But academics can only take you so far. Visits with working architects, builders and product manufacturers bring concepts to life and prepare architectural students for the first steps in their careers. That’s why it was so exciting when nearly 100 students from the University of Houston visited Tamlyn, a world-class supplier of quality building products, to learn about architecture in the field.


A Focus on the Architectural Generation of Tomorrow

The students, many of them sophomores, were accompanied on their visit to Tamlyn by Tom Diehl, Assistant Professor in the College of Architecture at the University of Houston. The students were welcomed by Miguel Gonzales, President of Tamlyn, who shared some words of wisdom upon their arrival. Students were then split into groups and rotated through three different stations where they witnessed firsthand how building products are used to bring architectural plans to life. Collaborations like this help advance both the architectural and building industries. Students better prepare for their career by gaining practical knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques, while Tamlyn benefits by working with the next generation of architects who will be specifying great products like theirs.



Learning from the “Test House”

The first group of students started with Tamlyn’s Building Accounts Manager, Raul Peralta, and Joe Fong, Tamlyn’s Lead Architect for Water Management Systems and Adjunct Professor for the Architectural Program at the University of Houston. Students were shown a “test house” outside Tamlyn’s facility used to showcase the many products Tamlyn manufactures. Mr. Peralta and Prof. Fong focused on both TamlynWrap, a moisture management product, as well as Tamlyn’s XtremeTrim extruded aluminum. They explained to the students how the products worked, highlighting their water-management capabilities. Prof. Fong emphasized the importance of considering the sustainability of a project with an eye on how the structure will last. The students learned that specifying quality products during the design phase will have a long lasting positive return as the building battles the elements over time.



An Eye on Manufacturing

The second group of students toured the manufacturing facility with Tamlyn’s Sales Manager, Jessica Alvarado. Ms. Alvarado explained how various products are manufactured, as well as how they are carefully packaged and shipped. She also showed the students various profiles of Tamlyn’s XtremeTrim.



An Emphasis on Careers

At the third stop students enjoyed dinner from Chick-fil-A as they viewed a slideshow presentation lead by Tamlyn’s Product Manager for XtremeInterior, Dana Madden, and in-house architect and recent University of Houston graduate, Jasmin Carranza. The students were especially enthusiastic to hear about Ms. Carranza’s experience in transitioning from college to her career at Tamlyn. This was evident when she yelled, “Whose house?!” and the students instantly replied, “Coog’s house!”, a chant-cheer well-known to UH alumni and students promoting Cougar pride.



A Great Success

After each student group had the chance to visit the three stations, they returned to the University of Houston campus with a deeper real-world understanding of the intricate components that go into their designs. And the

Tamlyn team was more than proud to inspire the next generation of architects. All in all, the event was a great success for everyone who participated. Tamlyn has over 48 years experience in the building supply industry. We’re capable of providing solutions for any issues that may arise during installation or for architects during their planning and design. To find out more, visit http://www.tamlyn.com/

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