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Subtle or striking, always flexible

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Subtle or striking, always flexible

Elizabeth Cotton | February 1, 2018

Glass continues to be a popular material for designers and a modern alternative to the materials of the past. Those seeking interior design products that transform function to fashion should look no further than annealed back-painted glass. These products offer limitless configurations and colors, and their flexibility allows them to blend wonderfully with other existing design characteristics of a space.

Interior annealed back-painted glass products by AGC Glass North America – Matelac and Lacobel – are two new ways to provide a design spark in any residential or commercial space. These products complement wood, stone, metal and other materials with the ability to mix and match for the desired aesthetic.

Matelac is acid-etched on one side for a matte, satin-like finish, while Lacobel delivers a smooth and glossy appearance for any color selection. Both retain their original appearance for years because the paint adheres to the glass through AGC’s industrial application process.



Multiple applications, same great look

Perfect for new construction or retrofits, annealed back-painted glass is ideal for nearly limitless applications, like in high-end homes for backsplashes and sliding glass doors. In restaurants, specifiers increasingly rely on products like Matelac and Lacobel for tabletops and partitions.



Other applications include corporate branding with company signs or unique branded walls, showy interior storefronts at malls, and even furniture and wall coverings produced from annealed back-painted products. For companies seeking personalized interior designs to match their brand colors, back-painted glass is a distinct choice. Offices may choose to use it decoratively in lobbies and reception areas or for more functional applications like dry-erase boards.



For high-traffic interior areas, a temperable version of the back-painted glasses may be used. Providing the same aesthetic value but with more durability and resilience to potential scratching or chipping.


Standard or custom color choices

AGC offers standard colors that have been curated by top interior designers based on trending colors in the industry today. AGC offers a total of 20 timeless, fashionable, and unique trendsetting colors. Custom colors are also available to meet the uniformity and consistency requirements of any individual project type.



Eco-friendly and easy maintenance

Matelac and Lacobel are environmentally friendly products that emit very low levels of VOCs – maintain a green atmosphere in your home, hotel, hospital, or business. The easy maintenance of annealed back-painted glass is a breath of fresh air for occupants and owners. The flat surface is an easy clean that you can approach like you would with traditional glass products. Matelac and Lacobel are both Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze products.


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