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Style Meets Safety with Fire Rated Glass Fences

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Style Meets Safety with Fire Rated Glass Fences

By SAFTI FIRST | September 21, 2023
Style Meets Safety with Fire Rated Glass Fences

Learn more about the many features and benefits of SAFTIFENCE by SAFTI FIRST by watching this video.

For homes and developments built near or in wildland-urban interface (WUI) areas and designated fire zones, fire rated glass fences introduce a remarkable innovation that seamlessly combines safety and aesthetics.  In recent years, we’ve seen a growing demand for our USA-made “SAFTIFENCE”, a 60 minute fire rated glass fence. SAFTI FIRST is the largest premium provider of fire rated glass fencing in the United States, with many of the largest residential developers such as KB Home, Lennar, Tri Pointe Home and Pardee Homes installing miles and miles of “SAFTIFENCE” in their communities.

“SAFTIFENCE” is certified to meet California State Fire Marshal (SFM) 12-7A: Materials and Construction Methods for Exterior Wildfire Exposure.  This standard evaluates the ability of an exterior wall assembly to resist fire penetration from an exterior fire exposure.  Traditional wood fencing is combustible and can add fuel to the fire, making it more intense, and metal fences have gaps that allow flames and flammable debris to pass through that contribute to fire spread.  “SAFTIFENCE” provides an impenetrable transparent wall to flames and debris to pass through using its advanced, technological SuperLite I-XL, a specialty tempered, heat reflective fire rated glass product listed by Intertek up to 1 hour.  The solid “SAFTIFENCE” prevents the spread of fire by compartmentalizing flames to one side while its propriety coating reflects the heat back to the fire source.  The additional protection provided by “SAFTIFENCE” allows additional valuable time for safe evacuation.  Homeowners should also check with their insurance as the additional fire protection that “SAFTIFENCE” provides may help reduce their premiums.

From a design standpoint, “SAFTIFENCE” offers unobstructed views with a solid, continuous and transparent barrier.  This product is used frequently in homes and developments to allow residents clear views to the oceans and the surrounding landscape with additional fire safety for their home.  The sleek, contemporary look of glass aligns with modern architecture.  The feeling of openness that glass provides also makes outdoor spaces appear larger and more inviting.

“SAFTIFENCE” can be customized with various glass types, tints and finishes including satin etched if privacy is desired.  Additionally, bird-friendly, decorative patterns, and other designs can also be incorporated to the glass panels.  These options provide safety and design flexibility.  

“SAFTIFENCE” is durable and low-maintenance.  The SuperLite I-XL specialty tempered panels meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) CPSC Cat. II impact safety, the maximum federal impact safety standard.  The glass panels in the “SAFTIFENCE” system can withstand exposure to the outdoor environment.  It will not warp or rot like wood fences or corrode like metal fences, which means “SAFTIFENCE” can last many years without needing repairs or replacement.  

With our new, fully automated laminating line, we can supply the “SAFTIFENCE” glass panels in laminated make-ups to provide security benefits or privacy with switchable glass, bird-friendly glass, forced entry attack or intrusion, ballistic glass, art or design features and any other specialty option available in laminated glass.  These options, coupled with high tech security options available today such as infrared cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors and facial recognition software, make this truly a “SAFTIFENCE”.

SAFTIFIRST Fully Automated Laminated Glass Line
Learn more about SAFTI FIRST’s new laminated glass capabilities for safety, ballistic, forced entry, blast hurricane, bird-friendly, switchable glass, and more by watching this video.  

Whether you're looking to enhance the safety of your property, enjoy clear views or make a design statement, “SAFTIFENCE” can fulfill these needs. Its durability and low maintenance requirements make it a wise long-term investment.  

For more information, visit us at www.safti.com or give us a call at 888.653.3333.

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