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New glass residence emerges along Lake Ontario

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New glass residence emerges along Lake Ontario

Elizabeth Cotton | December 2, 2019

Photo: Michael Muraz

The East Bayfront Precinct along the attractive Toronto waterfront is experiencing rapid redevelopment and redesign to make the stretch of land more accessible for residents and visitors. This burgeoning neighborhood is morphing from purely industrial to mixed-use, to feature stunning condos, retail, entertainment, and more.  In close proximity to downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario, it is a highly prized area, which spans 55 acres of land according to Waterfront Toronto. Queens Quay, its main street, will be pedestrian and cyclist friendly, adding to East Bayfront’s walkability and curb appeal.

It is planned that East Bayfront will have an additional 6,000 residential units with 1,200 affordable residences.  As part of this expansion, one of the newly-constructed condo high-rise towers in this neighbourhood is being dubbed Monde. It is an architecturally arresting, 44-story condominium project, featuring a designed curtainwall system, stepped with balconies for private resident access to the outdoors. The terraces created with glass unite the outdoors with the condo interiors, maximizing the proximity to Lake Ontario and encouraging greenery on every floor. The building was truly designed with green living and tenant experience of nature in mind – a contemporary trend that highlights the wellbeing of the individual, thereby allowing for a better connection with the outdoors.

The architects specifically selected high-performance glass across the façade to ensure that it is energy-efficient while maximizing natural light and views. A combined 148,000 square feet of AGC ENERGY Select® 36 and ENERGY Select® R42 glass were specified to achieve the distinct geometrical profile presented by the structure.

ENERGY Select low-e products deliver highly-customized performance and value for commercial building applications. This spectrally selective glazing allows architects, designers, specifiers, and window fabricators to customize solar heat gain, insulating value, and visible light transmission levels – while also realizing an aesthetic vision.

An outstanding solar heat blocker, ENERGY Select 36 is designed for regions where air conditioning is the primary energy source. The product provides warm-weather energy efficiency, a beautiful appearance, and high light transmittance levels. 136,000 square feet of ENERGY Select 36 was used and its grey-blue appearance contrasts beautifully with the reflectance of the ENERGY Select R42 glass.

ENERGY Select R42 presents an aesthetically-neutral high reflectance and a low solar heat gain coefficient, making it ideal for high-rise applications. 12,000 square feet of ENERGY Select R42 brings life to the structure, enabling the façade to display a uniform appearance from suite to suite.

In its entirety, Monde spans 540,000 square feet and is located beside Sherbourne Common, which is known for its water channel and sculptures. This beautiful building will complement its surroundings while helping to shape the new section of skyline emerging along Lake Ontario.

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