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L’Avenue Apartments, Montreal, Quebec

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L’Avenue Apartments, Montreal, Quebec

Elizabeth Cotton | January 3, 2019

©Stéphane Brügger Photography

L’Avenue is a mixed-use project located across from the Bell Centre on Avenue Des Canadiens in Montreal. The project, comprises a 50 story residential tower with 304 units on a mixed-use podium that includes commercial office space currently occupied by ‘We Work’, retail, café at grade and a ‘Provigo’ grocery store. The residential amenities are located at the 9th floor which is the first tower floor.

This distinctive mixed-use structure was inspired by similar high-rise condo buildings in New York City. Standing at 184 meters tall with 50 stories, the building cost $200 million to complete. There are 350 residential units in the building.

L’Avenue is a significant development for the Montreal skyline and the downtown area: The structure is the sixth largest in the city. It features glazed curtainwalls in both clear and dark glass, and some apartments with balconies have glass railings. AGC Glass North America’s Energy Select® R42 and Solarshield® Tinted glass was specified for the building façade.


©Stéphane Brügger Photography


The project team was comprised of Mansoor Kazerouni, Global director, buildings, IBI who was the project leader, Titka Seddighi – Associate Director and Practice Lead, Architecture, and Calin Caliman, Associate/ Manager, Architecture, IBI.

“The materials chosen for this building complement and enhance its formal composition,” Caliman explains. “The tower is a combination of dark and clear curtain wall glazing that defines the three vertical shafts making up the tower. For the dark component of the tower we used AGC Solarshield Grey and for the clear glazing we used AGC Energy Select 42. These 2 types of glass helped achieve the contrast we were looking for.”


©Stéphane Brügger Photography


Energy Select low-e products deliver highly-customized purpose and value for commercial building applications. This spectrally selective glazing allows architects, designers, specifiers, and window fabricators to customize their solar heat gain, insulating value, and visible light transmission levels – while also realizing their own aesthetic vision.

Solarshield is ideal for use in entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, atriums, skylights, and interior designs. It has low levels of light reflection, and is beautifully tinted to absorb energy from the visible light spectrum.

Together, both glass products achieved the look that the design team desired, and they were also able to meet performance and aesthetics goals, creating a beautiful balance between the two.


©Stéphane Brügger Photography

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