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Construction Team Takes Systems Approach to Weather Barriers for Major Multi-Family Development

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Construction Team Takes Systems Approach to Weather Barriers for Major Multi-Family Development

Bijan Mansouri, TYPAR | November 19, 2020

When construction began on the Monarch at Waugh Chapel multifamily development in Gambrills, Maryland, protecting the building from the elements was a primary concern. A water- and air-tight wall assembly is vitally important for controlling issues such as mold growth, protecting indoor air quality and maximizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Water can find its way into a wall in numerous ways. High humidity and extreme temperatures can cause vapor diffusion when warm indoor air causes condensation on colder outside surfaces. Wind-driven rain can be forced into small openings in the exterior cladding at joints, laps, and utility cutouts, and wind blowing around the building can create a negative pressure within the wall assembly which siphons water into the wall. A high-performance weather barrier is an important tool in guarding against these elements.

Drawing on previous experience with what had proven to be a high-performing option, the project’s weatherproofing contractor specified the TYPAR® Weather Protection System. They ultimately installed 175 rolls (175,000 sq. ft.) of TYPAR MetroWrap, 1,000 flashing panels, 600 rolls of 4” straight Butyl Flashing, 140 rolls of 9” Flexible Flashing and 525 rolls of construction tape—all designed to work together to create a water- and air-tight building envelope. 



Ben Gilstein, assistant project manager for Bozzuto Construction—the general contractor on the project, said this project was the first time he had worked with TYPAR and he came away impressed in the product’s performance and ease of installation.

Because the development is four stories, the team needed a commercial-grade building wrap that could withstand high wind loads. TYPAR MetroWrap has a tear strength five times greater than other commercial building wraps, ensuring it would hold tight for the duration of the project. And because it is available in larger rolls, the installation crew was able to cover more square footage per pass without having to come down out of the lift bucket. In addition, TYPAR MetroWrap is rated for up to 12 months of UV light exposure without any degradation, so longer commercial project timelines wouldn’t be an issue.

“It’s just a heavier-duty product that really holds up to the elements,” Gilstein said. “In terms of commercial construction where you have a lot of moving parts, it’s certainly a pleasure to see a product that is durable, that can stand up to a construction site and is super easy to install.”

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