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BD+C's February Products at Work

Products and Materials

BD+C's February Products at Work

These 6 products solved tricky problems on job sites.

By David Malone, Associate Editor | February 26, 2019


1. Lighting for rehearsal space

USAI Lighting

Project: Voxman Music Building, University of Iowa, Iowa City. Problem: A 2008 flood ruined the Voxman Music Building, causing the university to rebuild and relocate the facility. The new space required functional, well-lit performance and rehearsal spaces. Solution: USAI Lighting’s BeveLED 2.1 Classic White fixtures were incorporated into rehearsal spaces due to their high intensity and ability to withstand the constant and intense sound waves produced by the instruments. On the team: HLB LA (lighting designer).


2. Nature-inspired, sculptural ceiling

Pinta Acoustics

Project: Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, Calif. Problem: For the museum’s newly renovated circulation area, the design team wanted to create a dramatic, nature-inspired sculpture to signify the transition from the main museum to the outdoor nature exploration area, Bill’s Backyard. Solution: Pinta Acoustics’ WILLTEC foam material was used to create custom abstract butterfly shapes that provide acoustical control and create movement in the circulation area. The flat sheets are available in various shapes and sizes up to 48x96 inches, and thicknesses up to four inches. On the team: Modulus (architect).


3. Veiled metal panels


Project: Broadcom Parking Garage, Moon Township, Pa. Problem: The renovation of the existing structure needed a product to make it appear more open and interact better with its surroundings. Solution: Centria provided 20,050 sf of EcoScreen Cascade perforated metal panels in Champagne Pearl and Clay. The metallic veil of perforated metal allowed the project team to screen car headlights from users and neighbors while allowing daylight and ventilation to flow through. On the team: HOK (architect) and Devcon Construction (GC).


4. High-performance sunshades


Project: Drayton Mills Elementary School, Spartanburg, S.C. Problem: Natural light and views improve student performance, but there are times in a school setting when light is not desired. Solution: The school features Mermet’s E Screen in 3% openness and Avila Twilight 100% blackout fabrics in charcoal. The dark fabrics were chosen to blend with the inherent color of the SunGuard coated glass that was used to minimize the appearance of the shades from the exterior. The sunshades combined with the glass maximize thermal control. On the team: McMillan Pazdan Smith (architect) and Draper Inc. (fabricator).


5. Symmetrical standing seam panels


Project: Roma High School, Roma, Texas. Problem: The school had issues with roof leaks at various transition points that were causing excessive damage. Solution: The original leaky tile roof was removed and replaced with McElroy’s 138T symmetrical standing seam metal roofing. The system was also used to re-cover an existing roof. The symmetrical nature of the panels allowed for the installation to begin anywhere on the roof. On the team: Amtech (design and restoration consulting firm) and Rio Roofing (onsite roll forming).


6. Continuous wall insulation

Atlas Roofing

Project: Kaiser Permanente Medical Building, La Habra, Calif. Problem: The newly constructed 28,000-sf building features 25 exam rooms and 16 physician offices that required the maximization of occupant comfort and energy efficiency while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Solution: HMC Architects specified Atlas EnergyShield Pro continuous wall insulation in tandem with the patented Diamond Furr TT-4 lath attachment system by Brand X Metals. According to Atlas, EnergyShield Pro provides the highest R-value per inch of any insulation and resists water, air, and vapor penetration. It offers zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. On the team: HMC Architects (architect) and Swinerton Builders (GC).

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