Average annual pay increases at A/E/P firms continue to rise in 2010

March 02, 2010 |

WAYLAND, MA-Despite the economic challenges that many architecture, engineering, planning(A/E/P) & environmental consulting firms have faced in recent years, a large majority of firms continue to include pay increases for their staff in their annual budgets, according to a new report released by ZweigWhite. Moreover, according to ZweigWhite's 2010 Policies, Procedures, and Benefits Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning & Environmental Consulting Firms, the average pay increase that A/E/P firms project that they will provide in 2010 has increased from 2009.

"Not only do architecture, engineering, planning & environmental consulting firms continue to include pay increases in their budgets, but the average percentage of pay increases projected for this year continues to rise," says Margot Suydam, managing editor of ZweigWhite's Management Surveys. "This is particularly true of pay increases at A/E (mostly architecture) and multidisciplinary engineering firms more than other firm types."

The 2010 Policies, Procedures, and Benefits Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning & Environmental Consulting Firms reports on and analyzes industry norms that govern today's work force, covering everything from leave, vacation, and professional development policies to compensation issues, 401(k) plans, and group insurance benefits. The report addresses all aspects of personnel-related issues, such as hiring practices, recruitment, performance reviews, severance pay, employee relocation, and more. We also explore the education, background, responsibilities, and compensation of human resources directors. The report features comparison tables where data is broken down into demographic subgroups such as firm type, firm staff size and region of office.

An electronic report or printed book is available for purchase from ZweigWhite at http://www.zweigwhite.com/p-882-policies-procedures-benefits-survey-2010....

About ZweigWhite: ZweigWhite is the nation's leading source of business management services for architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms. The ZweigWhite team consists of experts in strategic business planning, business valuation, ownership transition, human resources management, finance and administration, mergers and acquisitions, market research, marketing, project management and project delivery methods who collectively produce a comprehensive suite of products and services, including newsletters, industry reports, executive training, business conferences, and advisory services covering virtually every aspect of firm management. The firm is headquartered in Wayland, MA, with additional offices in, Chicago, IL and Washington, DC.


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