Autodesk issues BIM deployment plan

March 01, 2010 |

 BIM Deployment Plan

San Rafael, Calif.-based software manufacturer Autodesk has produced a “BIM Deployment Plan” that provides guidance on using building information modeling at both the project and organization level.

The document does not discuss any specific BIM software products or tools, but rather illustrates business process changes, including training requirements, staffing, and goal setting, that Autodesk has observed in working on its own BIM-designed projects for its offices in San Francisco and Waltham, Mass.

The BIM Deployment Plan includes worksheets that outline requirements for common BIM software uses, such as planned building analysis, 3D BIM design, and systems implementation.

Here, for example, is what it says about model creation: “The model creation tool should be built on a database platform that allows the creation of parametric and information-rich objects. Parametric modeling dependencies should be automatically updated whenever changes are made. Since a design may come from multiple parties, the BIM tool should accommodate file linking, sharing, or referencing.”

Model integration, clash detection/model mediation, model visualization, sequencing, quantity take-off, and collaborative project management are also covered. —Jeff Yoders, Senior Associate Editor

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