AAA headquarters embodies a road trip atmosphere

HGA designed the space.

May 22, 2018 |
AAA HQ Entry

Photo: HGA

The new interior design of the 50,000-sf space for the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) Northern California, Nevada, and Utah headquarters includes collaborative spaces and attempts to embrace the atmosphere of a classic American road trip.

The building’s redesign, which was handled by HGA, includes the addition of custom Knoll workstations, a conference center, a café area with meeting areas, and a high-impact entryway. The theme of the “American road trip” was incorporated throughout the space.

The boardroom, for example, features a wood treatment that resembles tire tracks and a table with vintage hubcaps. Additionally, headlight light fixtures are found in the conference room and meeting nooks are inspired by 1970s rest areas. Commissioned photography featuring Northern California, Nevada, and Utah environments was made into window film to create the sensation of looking through a car window.




AAA wanted to new space to attract a younger clientele and workforce, while also retaining the employees they currently have. HGA found that many of the meetings that occur in the office involve four or fewer people, so the firm was able to save AAA substantial square footage and allot significantly more space for meetings by reducing the size of typical conference rooms that previously seated eight to 10 employees.


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“We spent a significant amount of time upfront with AAA to find out what was working really well and what things could be improved,” says Melissa Pesci, Principal and Vice President at HGA, in a release. ““AAA had previously established a work environment that was incredibly supportive of focused work, but in an effort to attract a millennial workforce as well as better support and inspire the current employees, AAA wanted a space that was more balanced between offering this focused space in addition to a variety of dynamic collaboration spaces.”

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