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Top 106 multifamily housing kitchen and bath amenities – get the full report (FREE!)

Multifamily Housing

Top 106 multifamily housing kitchen and bath amenities – get the full report (FREE!)

Exclusive research study spells out the 106 K+B products, features, and styles multifamily housing developers and AEC teams have used in recent projects or intend to use in the future.

By Robert Cassidy, Editor, Multifamily Design+Construction | December 13, 2022
Top 106 multifamily housing kitchen and bath amenities research
The exclusive report (FREE with short registration) covers more than 100 K+B products, styles, and features that multifamily teams have used recently or intend to use in the future, and K+B products they've installed for the first time.

Our inaugural “Multifamily Kitchen+Bath Amenities Survey” of multifamily developers, architects, contractors, and other professionals provides exclusive data – 111 charts and tables – on the state of K+B amenity usage in multifamily housing. 


Among the key findings:

Some products stand out as evergreens, based on their high response rates: dishwashers (used by 97% of respondents, including 89% “extensively”); Energy Star appliances (95% usage, including 83% “extensively”); and installed microwave ovens (used by 94%, including 84% “extensively”).

• Project teams had favorite K+B amenities that they use consistently in their work – but they were open to trying many new products, such as induction cooktops, for the first time as well.

• All 106 K+B products or specifications were employed by at least some respondents, although the adoption rate for some of these products or specification types was sometimes in the low single digits.

• Supply chain problems, notably for appliances and cabinets, had impacted project delivery.

• Some project teams installed specific K+B products for the first time; others said they intend to use various K+B products, like air filtration systems, that they had never used before in future projects.

Here's an example of one of the 106 K+B amenities featured in the report:

K+B countertops used by respondents

Participants in the survey included architects (45%), developers/property owners/property managers (25%), contractors (16%), interior designers (9%), product manufacturers (3%), and engineers (2%). They developed, designed, and constructed apartments (91%), senior living (54%), townhomes (51%), condominiums (39%), and student housing (33%).



K+B difficult-to-source products
Appliances came up more often than any other product. “We’ve been purchasing them early and storing [them] in our own warehouses or changing our spec to purchase models that are in stock,” said a respondent.

One respondent described the supply chain mess this way: “As developers are attempting to nail down pricing early in the Design Phase … combined with logistic nightmares, getting the design team ahead of the curve and in line with the general contractor and pricing exercises is crucial.”

Appliances came up more often than any other product category. “We’ve been purchasing them early and storing [them] in our own warehouses or changing our spec to purchase models that are in stock/available,” said one respondent.

“It’s been difficult getting appliance packages with the same manufacturer,” said another respondent. “We’re needing to mix manufacturers and appliances.”

Refrigerators were the main culprit cited by respondents. “We’re finding whatever spec is available,” said one. “Need to order well in advance and be flexible,” advised another.

Cabinets were also headache cited by several respondents. “Unfortunately, [we’re] playing the waiting game,” moaned a cabinetless respondent. Another firm said it was using pantry cabinets in bathrooms instead of medicine cabinets.

One pleaded, “[We’re] trying to get locally sourced cabinets, made in the USA.”

The last word on “solving” the K+B amenity shortage problem: “Order way in advance,” advised a respondent.


Project teams showed interest in trying new K+B products, styles, or features in the future, even with the usual caution about "experimenting" with anything new.

K+B intend to use new product
Repondents expressed interest in trying new K+B products in future multifamily housing projects, notably water leak detection and notification systems.


Some brave souls had actually used one or more new K+B products, styles, or features for the first time:

K+B products used first time
Multifamily housing teams took the plunge on more than 30 K+B product types, including specific brands.



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