6 regional construction trends for 2018

2018 should be a good year for construction but there are at least 4 things that can influence costs.

January 26, 2018 |

Angelo Perrymen, CEO of Perryman Construction, has created his annual list of the top trends that will affect construction in the northeast region in 2018. “As we head into calendar year 2018, we are optimistic, especially in the hotel, pharmaceutical, public projects, and historical renovation," Perryman says. "Although there are mixed signals out there relative to the economy, infrastructure priority and rising interest rates, we are anticipating a positive year.” 

Perryman sees the following trends unfolding:

1. More renovation and restoration

Everyone focuses on the new construction around town but we have a lot of great older buildings in need of renovation. Look for the renovation trend restoring the older buildings in Philadelphia.


2. Making education the priority solution to keeping Millennials in the City

Leaders worry about millennials moving to the suburbs. Philadelphia needs less talk and more action prioritizing education quality as a key solution to keeping millennials in the City. Perhaps the hurdle is feeling like we must do it all at once. We don’t. Look at the solution in 3 year segments. Focus on and fix the 3 years from K-2nd grade to start and then advance the program to the next 3 years and so on to match the millennials children getting older.


3. Using our hubs to attract national investment

Philadelphia will continue to organize itself by environments – science center, health, pharma, finance, Pennovation, etc. Leaders should use these hubs to attract national investment.


4. More mixed use buildings to be planned and built

More mixed use buildings will be planned as owners hedge risk by accommodating diverse uses and seeing which will be stronger.


5. More effective construction management techniques to offset potential negatives in the market

2018 should be a good year for construction but there are at least 4 things that can influence costs: energy, imported materials, competition for employees & interest rates. Construction companies that have become better managers will succeed in this environment.


6. More investment from outside the region

Outside investors are starting to realize what great value the Philadelphia region has for their projects. To sustain our skyline of cranes, Philadelphia must create a strong environment for building speculation as other cities have. Key catalysts include friendlier tax climate, more job-focused education opportunities to train our workforce in advance of projects coming in and government support facilitating permits and approvals.

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