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BD+C's 101 Top Products: Flooring

Among the best flooring products included in BD+C's 2018 101 Top Products report are Walker Zanger's Grain Collection Porcelain Tile, Ecore's Strait Rx, and SlipNOT's Grip Plate walking surface.

January 08, 2019 |
Walker Zanger Anti slip around a pool


1. Rejuvenations StoneRun | Armstrong

Armstrong Rejuvenations Stonerun

This sheet flooring emulates stone, concrete, and travertine, offering a natural or industrial aesthetic to high-traffic spaces within healthcare, university, retail, and corporate environments. Available in 32 design styles, from grayish Sidecar Subway to brownish Cosmo Macchiato, the flooring withstands heavy foot and rolling-load traffic and is easy to heat weld and flash cove. Sizes: six feet wide, up to 82 feet long.


2. Deconstructed Metal | Patcraft

Patcraft deconstructed metal

This carpet tile line is created through patent-pending manufacturing technology that exposes the primary backing as part of the product design, providing variation in fiber-pile heights for added depth and texture. Available in two 12x48-inch carpet tiles: Metallic Alchemy and Alloy Shimmer. Six yarn combinations and three metallic backings offer a total of 18 colors. The entire Deconstructed Metal collection is Cradle to Cradle certified.


3. GRIP PLATE walking surface AT LINCOLN CENTER | Slipnot

SlipNOT's grip plate walking surface at Lincoln Center

To minimize the risk of slip and falls on The President’s Bridge, a heated pedestrian walkway that connects the upper level plaza to public spaces surrounding Lincoln Center in New York City, the project team specified SlipNOT Grip Plate Grade 2 stainless steel plates for the walking surface. The grit-free material features an anti-slip martensitic stainless steel surface with a random hatch matrix. The non-slip surface has a coefficient of friction of 0.8 and is listed as slip resistant by Underwriters Laboratories.


4. Grain Collection porcelain tile | Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger anti slip around a pool

Designed for high-traffic areas where a wood aesthetic is desired, this porcelain tile line replicates the look of wood in a contemporary European style, with clean lines and natural wood grains. The collection utilizes a subtle variation in four wood tones per color, as well as natural grain and texture, to create the look and feel of real finished wood. Available in wide planks and chevrons.


5. Norament grano | Nora Systems

Norament Grano

Nora systems relaunched its rubber floor covering meant to bring the look of Italian terrazzo tiles to interior spaces. The floor covering has an uncoated surface that reduces maintenance costs and increases value throughout its lifecycle. The dense, nonporous surface helps repel dirt and bacteria, resist stains, and is naturally fungistatic. The coating is made without polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizers (phthalates), and halogens (e.g., chlorine) for improved indoor air quality. It meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for slip resistance. Norament grano offers a redesigned pallet of 32 new colors, with a balance of base shades and color-accentuated granules.


6. NY2LA | Florida Tile

Florida Tile's NY2LA

Porcelain tile line features unique shapes and colors inspired by modern urban settings. The subtle graphics are created by hand, and the polygon shape is cut precisely with water jets. Slabs are available
in large square, rectangle, and polygon shapes; square and polygon mosaics are also offered. Six colors, including Chelsea Black (shown), are available. Sizes range from 3¾x12 inches to 21½x29½ polygons.


7. Defacer Eraser Graffiti Remover | Prosoco

Prosoco Defacer Eraser before and after

Defacer Eraser Graffiti Remover offers a more powerful punch than its predecessor. The liquid formula eliminates graffiti with a shorter dwell time. It is formulated based on contractor feedback from the field and offers more effective penetration to erase graffiti while also featuring the same ecological advantages as Prosoco’s other graffiti-removing products, with biodegradable components. A big improvement over previous iterations is that users will notice less ghosting left on the substrate. Defacer Eraser is designed to work with Prosoco’s Blok-Guard anti-graffiti treatments. It is water-rinsable, compliant with all known VOC regulations, and comes with a citrus scent.


8. Strait Rx | Ecore

Ecore's Strait Rx use in a fitness center

Strait Rx, part of Ecore Commercial’s Rx Collection, is an ergonomic, low-maintenance, hygienic, and sound absorbent flooring surface available in six finishes meant to resemble linen. The surface is designed to reduce the risk of injury associated with falls while simultaneously offering sound control and comfort. Strait Rx features 5mm of Ecore’s vulcanized composition rubber backing fusion-bonded to a modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet from Polyflor. The cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) ensures that the floor looks clean with little upkeep.


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