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Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings

Perkins+Will is a firm of remarkable people who are driven by discovery – through their relationships, research, and design. In the simplest sense, our ideas are the precursors for all of our design work. Ideas + Buildings, Perkins+Will’s blog, features emerging thought leadership from across the firm, inviting an even greater global dialog around learning, wellness, workplace, sustainability, and everything in between. Visit the blog at:

Creating an environment where students want to succeed

Four panelists discussed how the decline of motivation in many of the country's education systems affects students. Image: Perkins+Will

K-12 Schools | Perkins+Will | April 28, 2015
According to a 2014 Gallup poll, our school system not only kills children’s creativity,...
The new Vo-Tech: transforming vocational workshops into 21st century learning labs

Image courtesy Perkins+Will

K-12 Schools | Perkins+Will | March 18, 2015
It’s no secret: the way students learn today is different. But facilities are adapting to...
Building tech breakthrough: Vacuum insulated panels keep University of Alaska students cozy in sub-zero temps

Students cozy up to the windows for the first time, thanks to innovations in curtain wall technology that allows for high-performance insulation. Images: Perkins+Will

Glass and Glazing | Perkins+Will | March 15, 2015
In a first-of-its-kind curtain wall installation, triple-pane VIP glass panels provide an...
Future-proofing educational institutions: 5 trends to consider

The ‘digital-native’ generation has developed unique modes of assimilating and comprehending information. Learning space design has evolved alongside these changes. Photo courtesy Perkins+Will

Architects | Perkins+Will | February 23, 2015
In response to rapidly changing conditions in K-12 and higher education, institutions and...
Why the mobile workplace isn't always mobile

Photo courtesy Perkins+Will

Architects | Perkins+Will | February 18, 2015
Perkins+Will’s Janice Barnes addresses the nuance in mobility types and explains the...

Photo credit: Thomas DIX, Wikimedia Commons.

Architects | Perkins+Will | January 09, 2015
P+W's Janice Barnes shares some of most unexpected lessons from her firm's work on office...

In a recent symposium hosted by Perkins+Will, experts in health sciences and education gathered for a deep dive into the evolving world of medical education and allied health/science fields. Photo: Perkins+Will

Architects | Perkins+Will | November 18, 2014
Things are changing in healthcare. Within academic medicine alone, there is a global...

Image: courtesy P+W

Architects | Perkins+Will | October 09, 2014
Like office workers escaping from the perceived confines of cubicles, today’s scientists...

Illustration: courtesy P+W

Airports | Perkins+Will | September 22, 2014
Perkins+Will's Janice Barnes covers the four steps that designers should take to create...

The Earth Sciences Building at the University of British Columbias Vancouver campus. Photo: Martin Tessler

Architects | Perkins+Will | August 25, 2014
Timber has been largely abandoned as a structural solution in taller buildings during the...
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