Zaha Hadid designs a tower of 'stacked vases' in Melbourne

The structure is supported by sets of curved columns that taper to four different base heights.

January 07, 2016 |
Zaha Hadid designs a tower of “stacked vases” in Melbourne

Rendering courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects (via ArchDaily)

Zaha Hadid Architects, with Plus Architecture, designed its first tower in Melbourne, Australia, ArchDaily reports

The tower is essentially four “vases” of curved columns stacked on top of each other. Each vase converges into a base that holds public space. The 54-story mixed-use tower is located at 582-606 Collins Street, and, if approved, the building will incorporate retail, commercial, and residential spaces. 

The designers say the tower will be 50% more energy efficient than conventional mixed-use buildings. The façade will reduce solar gain, and high-efficiency central cooling, lighting, and grey-water reuse systems will conserve resources and lower emissions.


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