WSP USA says it will be carbon neutral in 2019

Engineering firm will offset carbon at all offices and with employee business travel.

May 07, 2019 |

Courtesy Pixabay

Engineering and professional services consultancy WSP USA announced its intent to become carbon neutral across its U.S. operations in 2019.

The announcement pertains to all U.S. offices and employee business travel. WSP will manage and reduce its own greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts through energy efficiency, transportation, and travel efficiency.

It will also source renewable energy and pursue high-impact carbon offsets. The firm’s sustainability actions include waste and water management, procurement, the health and wellness of its staff, and community engagement.

“Our carbon neutrality commitment fulfills an important social compact,” said Gregory A. Kelly, president and CEO of WSP USA in a news release. “We recognize that, in tune with our clients, taking a leadership role in addressing climate change is a must. For societies and the environment to thrive, we believe that we must hold ourselves accountable for tomorrow.”

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