World's longest desk? Massive, undulating desk accommodates 145 office workers [video]

Creative agency Barbarian Group says its new mega desk was cheaper than individual cubicles and desks.

February 20, 2014 |

New York-based Barbarian Group wanted a collaborative work space--an office where all employees would be able to sit at a desk, but where they could still escape to creative work areas.

Clive Wilkinson was the architect who made their vision a reality, according to Business Insider.

The desk, made out of 4,400 sf of plywood and one continuous sheet of resin, is so big that all 145 employees can share it.

In a video explaining the new office space, Barbarian Group points out that manufacturing and assembling the giant desk actually cost less than shipping in individual cubicles and desks.

Check out the new space:

Barbarian also made this video to showcase their new space:

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