Wood materials aid in patient recovery in healthcare environments

Report says patient recovery times, pain perception, stress levels improve where natural materials are present.

December 29, 2015 |
Wood materials aid in patient recovery in healthcare environments

Photo: Dan/Creative Commons.

The report, “Wood as a Restorative Material in Healthcare Environments,” by FP Innovations, a Canadian research organization, says that wood used as a building material in healthcare settings can have benefits for patients.

It examines the phenomenon of biophilia—or the effect of natural elements on human behavior—in healthcare buildings. The theory is that natural materials can have a positive impact on patient recovery by tapping into human’s affinity for life and life-like processes.

Specifically, the report links wood materials to improved results in: 

  • Better patient recovery times
  • Lower pain perception
  • More positive disposition
  • Lower stress levels and a greater ability to focus for visitors and practitioners

The report adds that more use of wood in healthcare facilities enhances the mood of healthcare providers. Wood could be particularly beneficial in adding a biophilia effect to windowless rooms and areas.

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