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| Building Materials| September 07, 2016
This white paper seeks to lay out the case for monolithic foam seals, and why wax impregnation should be the specified treatment to maximize water repellency. We will also point out the differences in fire-rated foam seal systems, and the proper...
| Insulation| September 02, 2016
Learn how a single product, spray foam insulation, can provide multiple barriers in one step.
| Metals| July 26, 2016
Metal building systems first gained popularity because of their reputation for being affordable and fast to build. While those advantages are more true today than ever, the emphasis on the up-front benefits of the system sometimes overshadows the...
| Plumbing| July 19, 2016
The idea of communal (aka gang) showers in athletic facilities, schools and team locker rooms was the norm for decades, and at their outset, the concept made sense – multiple showering “stations” within a given space increased efficiency, capacity...
| Lighting| July 05, 2016
This white paper provides a background on the IoT revolution, describes key components needed to implement an effective intelligent lighting system, and spotlights two case studies, Avid Solutions and San Diego Community College District, who saw...
| Plumbing| April 05, 2016
This white paper seeks to layout the current state of gender-neural restroom design, and point to possible impacts on space planning as “potty parity” moves into this new realm.
| Daylighting| April 01, 2016
Using integrated daylighting systems with novel prismatic optics and high-efficiency lighting to optimize rates of return on metal envelope systems with good thermal and barrier performance.
| Green| March 21, 2016
This white paper investigates energy conservation and related cost savings with indoor air biofilters.
| Fire and Life Safety| February 04, 2016
This white paper covers the basic types of active and passive fire protection systems, products and assemblies, and wraps up with a primer on expansion joint fire barriers.
| October 23, 2015
A decision to retrofit a building is a complex decision that involves many performance factors, including occupant comfort. The counsel you offer requires a thorough understanding of all investment, aesthetic and comfort considerations. Pella EFCO...
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