| Multifamily Housing| March 10, 2017
As the population ages, designers of commercial and multifamily applications are incorporating new solutions to meet those demands
| Building Materials| January 17, 2017
Chances are that today you’ve either driven or walked over at least a dozen expansion joints and you didn’t even think about it. And that’s as it should be. This EBook spells out some of the key considerations architects should keep in mind when...
| Products and Services| December 27, 2016
The technological advancement and beautiful resiliency of composites
| Coatings| December 13, 2016
This article provides an overview of the latest advancements in damage resistance using the science of tribology to develop Fluropon Extreme
| Coatings| November 09, 2016
This article provides an overview of Valspar’s recently launched Fluropon Pure coating and how it supports participation in LEED and LBC certification programs.
| Masonry| October 25, 2016
Architects and building construction professionals are continuously looking for ways to design buildings that are high-performance, sustainable and that meet upcoming LEED v4 guidelines. Masonry products can be their greatest ally in that quest.
| Building Materials| September 07, 2016
This white paper seeks to lay out the case for monolithic foam seals, and why wax impregnation should be the specified treatment to maximize water repellency. We will also point out the differences in fire-rated foam seal systems, and the proper...
| Insulation| September 02, 2016
Learn how a single product, spray foam insulation, can provide multiple barriers in one step.
| Metals| July 26, 2016
Metal building systems first gained popularity because of their reputation for being affordable and fast to build. While those advantages are more true today than ever, the emphasis on the up-front benefits of the system sometimes overshadows the...
| Plumbing| July 19, 2016
The idea of communal (aka gang) showers in athletic facilities, schools and team locker rooms was the norm for decades, and at their outset, the concept made sense – multiple showering “stations” within a given space increased efficiency, capacity...
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