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What’s new at 173 architecture firms for 2022


What’s new at 173 architecture firms for 2022

BD+C compiled a list of business and project innovations from the nation's largest architecture and AE firms, as reported in BD+C's 2022 Giants 400 survey. 

By Robert Cassidy, Executive Editor  | November 10, 2022
SOM presented its “Urban Sequoias” concept (how buildings can absorb carbon) at the UN COP26 conference. Rendering © SOM | Miysis
SOM presented its “Urban Sequoias” concept (how buildings can absorb carbon) at the UN COP26 conference. Rendering © SOM | Miysis

More than 295 U.S. architecture and architecture-engineering (AE) firms participated in BD+C's 2022 Giants 400 survey. As part of the Giants survey process, participating firms are asked to describe their most impactful firm innovations and noteworthy company moves in the past 12 months. Here is a collection of the most compelling business and project innovations and business moves from the 2022 Architecture Giants:

AE7 Released its Project Management Office service.

AECOM Launched Think and Act Globally strategy.

AG ARCHITECTURE Transitioned to ESOP ownership.

AHL Promoted Deirdre Stearns to Director of Sustainability.

ÁLVAREZ-DÍAZ & VILLALÓN Partnered with the UN on the SDG Ambition Accelerator.


AO Partnering with developers on action-anchored resorts.


ARCHITECTURE, INCORPORATED Tara McGrath, new Director of Interior Design.

AYERS SAINT GROSS Designing for operational and embodied carbon in all projects >50,000 sf.

BAILEY EDWARD DESIGN Established a DEI team.

BBS Created BBS University for staff development.

BKSK ARCHITECTS Moved to new location in NYC.

BKV GROUP Used wood-and-steel panelization on 67 multifamily projects.

BLAIR + MUI DOWD ARCHITECTS ASHE Vista Award for a children’s hospital.


BRAY ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS Designed the first net zero school in Wisconsin.

BSB DESIGN Acquired Withee Malcolm design firm.

BWBR Launched BWBR+ advisory service. New President/CEO: Stephanie McDaniel.

CARRIER JOHNSON + CULTURE Appointed Claudia Escala and Ray Varela as Co-Presidents.

CB DESIGN GROUP Developed new design for electronic health record upgrades.

CBT Earned JUST label. Grew its life science business.

CDM SMITH Developed digital-twin technology to generate real-time simulations.

CETRARUDDY ARCHITECTURE Instituted three-days-in-office/two-at-home work week.

CHOATE PARKING CONSULTANTS Certifying two ParkSmart projects.

CLARK & ENERSEN Completed its first LEED Platinum and WELL-certified projects.

CLARK NEXSEN Developed a project data dashboard to assess progress on AIA 2030 DDx and SE2050.

COLLIERS ENGINEERING & DESIGN Acquired engineering firm Bergmann and four others.

COOPER CARRY Named Kyle Reis President/CEO; Tim Bakos, COO. Hired JD Harper as Sustainability Leader.

CORE STATES GROUP OF COMPANIES Acquired by Harren Equity Partners.

CORGAN Stephen Lohr named Multifamily Studio Leader. Rolled out Unscripted, which evaluates workplaces based on spacing and occupancy.

COSCIAMOOS ARCHITECTURE Using Enscape and Oculus Quest 2 in its VR platform.

CRAWFORD ARCHITECTS Became a corporate partner of the Green Sports Alliance.

CROMWELL ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS Divided the firm into eight market segments.

CRTKL New COO: David Asfour. New Retail Design Principal: Robyn Oyler. Created Prognosis, a prototyping platform for next-gen spatial design.

CSARCH Incorporating Universal Design into projects.

CTA ARCHITECTS Hired Christian Rasnake as Sustainability Coordinator.

CUNINGHAM Adopting regenerative design.

CURTIS + GINSBERG ARCHITECTS Surpassed 20,000 new/renovated dwelling units in NYC in 2022.

CUSHING TERRELL New director hires: Randy Rhodes, Affordable Housing; Keith Walzak, Urban Planning.

DAHLIN GROUP ARCHITECTURE | PLANNING Its MOD HIVE tiny home in pilot project for homeless in California. Expanding into K-12.

DATTNER ARCHITECTS Three Passive House residential projects in the works.

DESIGN COLLABORATIVE Using Matterport 3D scanner to document as-built conditions. New market: industrial.

DGA Expanded its San Diego office.

DIAMOND SCHMITT ARCHITECTS Using customized data aggregator, CloudDesign, for project analytics.

DLR GROUP Launched an internal online learning platform. Formed Equity Forum to guide its racial equity work.

DLZ CORPORATION Acquired Carbon Engineering (Costa Rica). Secured a National PM Service Contract (USPS).

DYER BROWN & ASSOCIATES Updated its materials library to ensure building products are eco-friendly, healthy.


ELEVATUS ARCHITECTURE Developed a prototype 213-240-bed county jail.

ELKUS MANFREDI ARCHITECTS Alicia Mills named VP of Talent and Culture.

EUA Acquired Performa Inc.

EYP MISSION CRITICAL FACILITIES Developing off-the-grid data centers.


FANNING HOWEY ASSOCIATES Providing visioning, professional development, and commissioning services to school districts.

FENTRESS Designing Terminal C at Orlando International.

FGM ARCHITECTS Acquired LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects.

FIFTH DIMENSION ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS Developed BIM process for faster design documentation, QA.

FINEGOLD ALEXANDER ARCHITECTS Launched FA Energy, to help clients meet carbon emissions goals.

FITZGERALD Moved to new studio in Chicago Loop.

FK ARCHITECTURE Moving into modular construction.

FLAD ARCHITECTS Integrating computational design into daily practice.

FOGARTY FINGER Adopted OpenAsset to organize its imagery library.

FXCOLLABORATIVE ARCHITECTS Moved office to Brooklyn, N.Y. Developed Automated BIM QC Process to speed up 3D models.

G70 Norman Hong named Chairman; Linda Miki, CEO.

GARMANN MILLER Using Matterport to create digital twin immersive spaces.

GBBN Using AR to deliver full-scale design models for clients. Expanded parental leave benefits.

GENSLER Issued gFloorz 2.0 computational product for use with all project types.

GREENBERGFARROW Acquired SGA|NW; broadens its multifamily reach in SE U.S.

GFF INC. Used digital modeling to design a placemaking shading structure.

GGLO Using GIS to create “heat maps.” Signed NOMA NW Call to Action. Sixteen mass timber projects in design or under development.

GLENN|PARTNERS Fabricated a perforated metal panel sunshade for a high school.

GMB ARCHITECTURE + ENGINEERING Launched an Employee Development Plan.

GOODWYN MILLS CAWOOD Acquired Binkley Garcia Architecture and Florida Disaster Consulting.

GRACE HEBERT CURTIS ARCHITECTS Implemented firmwide PM training using Centerline PM software.

GRESHAM SMITH Appointments: Rodney Chester, CEO; Peter Oram, COO. Developing A-Eye computer vision program. Created a Sustainability and Resiliency Center.

GRIMM + PARKER Became a SWaM Certified Women-Owned and Small Business in Commonwealth of Virginia.

GUIDON Launched a Science + Technology practice.

GWWO ARCHITECTS Tested PointFuse and EdgeWise software. Using Revizto UI for BIM clash detection workflows, and Polycam and Matterport for reality capture.

H. HENDY ASSOCIATES Added a healthcare studio. Developed new content management system.

H2M ARCHITECTS + ENGINEERS Acquired Dennis Noskin Architects.

HAFER Acquired hmb Architects. Using Enscape plug-in.

HANBURY Created grassroots councils to give emerging leaders a voice in firmwide strategy and leadership.

HANDEL ARCHITECTS Louis Koehl named Sustainable Design Director; Katie Donahue, Denver Office Director. Passive House projects under construction in Boston, New York, and Toronto.

HDR Developed a regenerative design tool.

HED Renewed its JUST label.

HFG ARCHITECTURE Designed a 300,000-sf cardiothoracic surgery center in Kenya for Engineering Ministries International.

HFMH ARCHITECTS Used Tally and Climate Studio to design a net-positive-energy school.

HGA Its new ENERGY.script tool performs a step-by-step energy analysis model during planning and SD.

HKS Conducting research on using neuroscience-informed design to slow cognitive decline in aging populations.

HMC ARCHITECTS Acquired Rainforth Grau Architects. New directors: Jennifer Wehling, sustainability; James Krueger, design.

HOEFER WELKER Using data visualization and role-specific dashboards for projects.

HOK Created a Regenerative Design Studio.

HOLLIS + MILLER ARCHITECTS Won the A4LE John Shaw Award for a middle school in Kansas City, Mo.

HORD COPLAN MACHT New leaders: Jennifer Cordes, Higher Education; Jim Albert, Healthcare; Monica Robertson, Housing/Mixed-use; Adele Willson, K-12.

HUCKABEE Acquired Rachlin Partners. Josh Brown named President. Developed generative design tool to explore numerous complex design solutions simultaneously.

HUITT-ZOLLARS Implemented Bluebeam Revu firmwide.

IA Joined the Science Based Target Initiative’s Business Ambition for 1.5°C and the UN’s Race to Zero. Acquired FYOOG design firm.

IKM ARCHITECTURE Moved to a 40-hour work week Sunday-Saturday with no PTO limits.

IPS Acquired management consulting firm Linesight.

JEFFREY BERMAN ARCHITECT Healthcare architect for a pediatric cancer center in Kenya (with David Adjaye).

JLL Acquired Skyline AI artificial intelligence company.

KAHLER SLATER Using hybrid videography and animation in construction. New CEOs: Al Krueger, Glenn Roby.

KGD ARCHITECTURE Designing global HQ campus for bioscience giant Novavax.

KIRKSEY ARCHITECTURE Named Catherine Callaway Director of Sustainability. Developed a tool to help clients calculate workspace square footage needs.

KITCHEN & ASSOCIATES Added Mac Studio, Matterport, and animations.

KPF Created (with Simscale) KPFlow; runs wind simulations in early 3D design.

KTGY Added interior design and branding services.

LABELLA ASSOCIATES Acquired Odell Associates and Stieglitz Snyder Architecture. Moving into multifamily and mixed-use markets.


LEGAT ARCHITECTS New sector: community centers. Barry DeSimone named President/CEO.

LEO A DALY Developed Fix-Activate-Calibrate-Tune workplace design framework. Hired Steven Plam to head Design Technology.

LITTLE Implementing regenerative visioning in projects.

LPA Cut fossil fuel use in its projects by >70%, surpassing AIA 2030 Challenge.

LRK Turning single-use office buildings into residential/mixed-use communities.

LS3P Two mergers: TFF Architects & Planners and PFA Architects. Donating 1% of staff time to pro bono work.

LUMINAUT INC. Acquired Rowland Design. Added a K-12 studio.

MA DESIGN Rebranded from M+A Architects.

MARGULIES PERUZZI Conducted mandatory diversity training across the firm.

MASSA MULTIMEDIA ARCHITECTURE Implemented DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) for Walmart health clinics.

MBH ARCHITECTS Conducted a VR tour of BioEnginuity Hub at UC Berkeley.

MCFARLANE ARCHITECTS Expanding into Arizona/Utah life sciences market.

MCMILLAN PAZDAN SMITH Acquired Watson Tate Savory. Earned WELL Health-Safety rating for its offices.


MG2 Signed the AIA Materials Pledge.

MICHAEL GRAVES ARCHITECTURE Acquired Waldon Studio Architects.

MOSELEY Using Newforma Connector for Procore to eliminate duplicate data entry in CA workflow.

NBBJ Introduced ZeroGuide, a tool that estimates the carbon equivalent of a project's emissions.

NELSON WORLDWIDE Jennifer Acevedo named Director of Strategy & Insights.

NILES BOLTON ASSOCIATES Acquired Dye Aviation to enter private aviation sector.

NMDA Christina Straughan named Creative Director.

NORR George Sorich named VP Residential. Issued an e-book on carbon neutrality.

ONYX CREATIVE Merged with L2M Architects.

PAGE Acquired EYP.

PARKHILL Launched Work Together hybrid work policy.

PAYETTE Developed Kaleidoscope, which evaluates embodied carbon in façades and flooring assemblies.

PBK Invited by Uvalde CISD to advise on school safety design following the incident at the Texas school.

PERKINS EASTMAN Acquired BLT Architects and Kliment Halsband Architects.

PERKINS AND WILL New Managing Directors: Lindsey Peckinpaugh, Chicago; Yanel de Angel, Boston; Ernest Joyner, Denver.

PFLUGER ARCHITECTS Designed high-tech school with no classrooms. Terry Hoyle named CEO.

PRIME AE Acquired Penza Bailey Architects and Prosser Inc.

PROGRESSIVE AE Signed the AIA 2030 Commitment.

PULSE DESIGN GROUP Using VantagePoint to enhance workflow and recruiting.

QUINN EVANS Named Alyson Steele President/CEO; Thomas Jester, COO.

RDG PLANNING & DESIGN Developed an equitable employee benefits package.

RKTB ARCHITECTS Using mobile video cameras for remote site observation.

ROSEMANN & ASSOCIATES Moved Atlanta office to Circa 730 Building.

RSC ARCHITECTS Won the AIA-NJ Firm of the Year Service Award.

RYAN A+E Created tool that produces SD level of design from simple parametrics.

SASAKI ASSOCIATES Invented a free tool, the Carbon Conscience App.

SCB Converted Tribune Tower, Chicago, to condominiums.

SCHAEFER Pursuing the federal buildings market.

SCHRADERGROUP Running Instagantt, Asana, and Project Guru to keep projects on schedule.

SHEEHAN NAGLE HARTRAY ARCHITECTS Implementing DfMA. New Sustainability Director, Denis Blanc.

SHEPLEY BULFINCH Named Angela Watson President/CEO. Acquired PARC design lab.

SMITH SECKMAN REID New COO: Susan Osterberg; Chief Growth Officer: Mike Rogers.

SMITHGROUP Presented an analysis of mechanical systems in healthcare facilities at ASHRAE 2022.

SOM Created Equity Design Lab to embed DEI into its projects. Presented “Urban Sequoias” concept—buildings absorbing carbon—at UN COP26 conference.

STEINBERG HART Named new office directors: Douglas Moss, Austin, Texas; Vincent Mudd, San Diego.

TAYLOR DESIGN Joined the new I2SL LA/Orange County (Calif.) chapter.

TETER Implemented Vantagepoint for business and PM.

THENDESIGN ARCHITECTURE Named Christopher D. Smith President.

TOWERPINKSTER Acquired Kovert Hawkins Architects. Signed the AIA 2030 Commitment.

TPG ARCHITECTURE Promoted Ken Tracey to Managing Executive.

TREANORHL Hired visualization expert Joel Gray.

TVS Using Web-based tools to create experiential marketing materials.

URBAHN ARCHITECTS Leading gut renovation of two public hospitals for NYC’s corrections department.

VLK ARCHITECTS Employed off-site manufacture of building components in a K-12 project.

WALKER CONSULTANTS Launched Perq customizable parking solution. New President/CEO: Dave Ryan.

WARE MALCOMB Enhanced its WM Future Lab.

WDG Adapting office buildings, hotels to residential.

WEBER THOMPSON Now a Woman-Owned Business.

WENDEL Named Joseph DeFazio President/CEO.

WOOLPERT Acquired Optimal GEO, AAM, and eTrac. Earned a LIDAR patent.

ZGF Reduced emissions in its portfolio by ~60%.



A. Top 180 Architecture Firms
B. Top 110 Architecture/Engineering (AE) Firms
C. Top 80 Engineering Firms
D. Top 45 Engineering/Architecture (EA) Firms
E. Top 200 Contractors                
F. Top 90 Construction Management Firms  

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