Vision Technology's VT-480/16 digital video recorder

April 01, 2006 |

The VT-480/16 is a 16-port digital video recorder that records up to 480 images per second spread across 16 cameras. The DVR is equipped with an on-board hard drive that provides weeks, and even months, of recording time, depending on hard drive capacity (available size range: 250 megabytes to 1 terabyte). The system is compatible with virtually any access control system. It has multiple inputs that interface with door access and card reader information to permit video searches by access time and card presentation.

Bret Emerson, president of CommTech Design, Grand Rapids, Mich., recently specified four of the DVR systems for the Ovid-Elsie Area Schools district in Elsie, Mich. One unit was installed at each of the district's two elementary schools, and two units were installed at the high school. A total of 64 cameras are connected to the DVRs.

Why Bret Emerson specifies the VT-480/16 DVR

"This video recorder provides customers with great video recording. It offers the ability to easily control what they are watching, and provides extensive search capabilities of what they have already recorded."

"The system also comes equipped with point-of-sale and ATM software that allows the owner to superimpose the receipt information on the video. It records both in case of discrepancies at the cash register or in ATM cash counts."

"The DVR is extremely price competitive, and has won most of the bids I have submitted within the last year."

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