Vietnam's 'dragonfly in the sky' will be covered in trees, vegetation

With trees planted on every level, university staff will feel like they are working in a park.

August 12, 2014 |

FPT University in Hanoi, Vietnam, has released plans for a new administrative building that will snake across 10 acres of land.

Designed by Vietnamese design firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects, the building will be made up of stacked concrete blocks placed slightly askew to create a soft, organic form that the architects say is reminiscent of a dragonfly in the sky.

Design Taxi reports that the building’s exterior—a checkerboard of windows and panels—will allow large trees to be placed in every other square. Topping the structure will be a lush, walkable green roof with grass and trees.

Read more about the plans at Vo Trong Nghia Architects’ website.

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