Video Tour: Lafarge N.A. LEED-CI Gold Headquarters

December 03, 2010 |

[video] Join Building Design+Construction’s Robert Cassidy on a tour of the Lafarge North America headquarters in Reston, Va. Lafarge’s Andrew Pinneke, LEED AP, points out the energy efficiency, workplace environment, and water conservation measures that helped the LEED-CI v.2.0 office fit-out (designed by architecture firm Gensler) earn a Gold rating (with 33 points) from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Lafarge North America Headquarters

LEED-CI, v2.0
Gold rating: 32-41 points
Points achieved: 33

Sustainable Sites: 4 points (of 7 possible)
      Site Selection: 1
      Development Density and Community Connectivity: 1
      Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation Access: 1
      Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms: 1

Water Efficiency: 2 points (of 2 possible)
      Water Use Reduction: 2

Energy & Atmosphere: 6 points (of 14 possible)
      Optimize Energy Performance - Lighting Power: 2
      Optimize Energy Performance - Equipment & Appliances: 2
      Enhanced Commissioning: 1
      Green Power: 1

Materials & Resources: 7 points (of 14 possible)
      Tenant Space, Long Term Commitment: 1
      Construction Waste Management: 2
      Resource Reuse, 30% Furniture & Furnishings: 1
      Recycled Content: 1
      Regional Materials: 2

Indoor Environmental Quality: 9 points (of 17 possible)
      Construction IAQ Management Plan, During Construction: 1
      Construction IAQ Management Plan, Before Occupancy: 1
      Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives & Sealants: 1
      Low-Emitting Materials, Paints & Coatings: 1
      Low-Emitting Materials, Carpet Systems: 1
      Low-Emitting Materials, Systems Furniture & Seating: 1
      Thermal Comfort - Compliance: 1
      Thermal Comfort - Monitoring: 1
      Daylight & Views - Views for 90% of Spaces: 1

Innovation in Design Process: 5 points (of 5 possible)
      Innovation in Design: 4
      LEED Accredited Professional: 1

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