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Unlocking the Future: Modernizing Access Control in Multifamily Housing

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Unlocking the Future: Modernizing Access Control in Multifamily Housing

Explore how advanced access control systems are transforming multifamily housing. Learn about Salto’s DBolt Touch and Homelok platforms, designed to enhance security, streamline operations, and improve resident satisfaction with keyless, mobile-ready solutions.

By SALTO Systems | June 20, 2024
Unlocking the Future: Modernizing Access Control in Multifamily Housing

Maximizing Resident Experiences: Modern Access in Multifamily Housing

In the rapidly evolving multifamily housing market, the resident experience is paramount to the success and reputation of a community. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, building owners and managers must stay ahead of the curve to ensure they are providing the safest, most efficient, and most convenient living environments for their residents. One area where technology is making significant strides is in access control systems. Modern, keyless, mobile-ready, and highly secure solutions are now available, and embracing these innovations can transform the way properties are managed and experienced.


The Burden of Traditional Keys

The traditional metal key, once the cornerstone of security, is now a glaring vulnerability. The ease with which these keys can be duplicated poses a significant risk. Anyone can copy a physical key at a local store or online, even from a photo. This not only compromises security but also results in costly rekeying procedures every time a key is lost or a tenant moves out. Modern access control systems eliminate these risks, providing a higher level of security, boosting resident confidence, and enhancing operational efficiency.


The Era of Advanced Access Control

Today’s multifamily properties can benefit immensely from advanced access control systems. These systems offer keyless entry solutions that integrate seamlessly with mobile devices, making it convenient for residents to access their homes while maintaining top-notch security. These systems also allow property managers to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance the overall resident experience.


Future-Proofing with Technology

Managing a portfolio of properties with outdated and disparate locking systems can be a logistical nightmare and a financial drain. Retrofitting buildings with state-of-the-art access control technology can simplify operations, improve security, and reduce costs. While this may seem like a daunting task, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment. Integrating modern access systems with existing property management platforms and third-party systems is crucial for a successful transition. This ensures seamless operation and management across all properties.


Introducing the DBolt

Earlier this year, Salto introduced the DBolt, a revolutionary product specifically designed for the multifamily housing market. The Salto DBolt is a game-changer, offering a simple, one-for-one replacement for existing mechanical deadbolts. Installation is quick and easy, requiring no wiring and using the existing hole from the previous lock. This makes it incredibly efficient to retrofit all or portions of a property, providing enhanced control over access.

The DBolt operates on Salto’s proprietary SVN (Salto Virtual Network) technology. This innovative approach allows locks to communicate through user credentials such as key cards, key fobs, or smartphones, rather than relying on a constant internet connection. This “Data-on-Card” method reduces the need for expensive installations and ongoing internet connectivity, making it a cost-effective solution for property managers.

Preston Grutzmacher, Residential Business Leader for Salto North America, explains, “Users take information to the lock on the memory of their credential, whether it's a key card, a key fob, or their phone. For retrofits, this means there’s no need for the expense of a wireless infrastructure gateway. We simply have one of our Authorized Business Partners go in, take out the old deadbolts, and install the new DBolt locks with almost no disruption.”


Blending Seamlessly with Property Aesthetics

One common concern with retrofitting building systems or hardware is that they can often look forced or like an afterthought. However, Salto’s product design team understands the importance of aesthetics in multifamily marketing. The DBolt comes in a sleek design with multiple finish options, fitting seamlessly into both classic and contemporary design schemes. This attention to design helps properties stand out in the market, appealing to a broader range of residents.


Enhancing Resident Satisfaction and Retention

Introducing a product like the DBolt to residents who have been using antiquated deadbolts and mechanical keys can significantly boost resident satisfaction and retention rates. Modern access control systems not only enhance security but also provide greater convenience. Residents can send temporary access credentials to visitors, delivery personnel, and service providers, and monitor entries via a mobile application. This level of control and convenience creates a seamless living experience, enhancing residents’ sense of security and satisfaction.

Unlocking the Future: Modernizing Access Control in Multifamily Housing


Seamless Integration with Property Management Systems

Salto’s advanced access control systems offer seamless integration with property management systems (PMS). From main entrances to stairwells, garages, and elevators, users move through a building by tapping various locks for entry. Each interaction updates the user’s credential with new information, creating a comprehensive audit trail of movements.

Grutzmacher elaborates, “Information is stored on a credential's memory, similar to using a USB thumb drive. The next time I use it at a wired access control point, it doesn’t just transfer information about that one event. It exchanges information about every access event initiated, updating memory credentials and providing a complete audit trail.”

This integration also automates move-ins and move-outs, reducing the administrative workload. Property managers can pull resident data from PMS tools, streamlining operations and reducing the potential for human error. This level of automation is a game-changer for property management, freeing up time and resources to focus on other critical tasks.


Diverse Hardware for Varied Needs

Salto offers a wide range of smart locking hardware to meet various needs within a multifamily building. From weather-resistant locks for pool gates to high-usage locks for main entrances, Salto’s diverse portfolio ensures that each access point is appropriately secured. Most locks operate on off-the-shelf batteries, supporting between 50,000 to 120,000 access cycles, equating to several years of operation before needing a battery replacement.

The introduction of Salto Homelok further enhances the portfolio. Homelok is a cloud-based, all-in-one access solution custom-designed for the multifamily market. It allows property managers to facilitate access to every door and access point in the community from an intuitive, user-friendly interface. With 24/7 live monitoring capabilities, Homelok ensures that properties are always secure.

Homelok: The All-In-One Solution for Residential Living

The demand for smart living solutions is on the rise, and residents today place a high value on security, convenience, and technology. Homelok, Salto’s new platform, addresses these needs with an all-in-one solution that integrates smart access control technology, hardware, cloud software, digital keys, a smart living ecosystem, and global service support.

Homelok sets a new standard in the industry with its advanced and aesthetically designed electronic access control solutions. From keyless building access and common area organization to unit door management, Homelok offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for residential properties of all types and sizes.

Unlocking the Future: Modernizing Access Control in Multifamily Housing

Innovative Digital Access Technology

Homelok’s ground-breaking technology is versatile and globally compatible. It combines cloud-based and standalone SVN smart access technology, optimizing deployments and integrating seamlessly within the smart building ecosystem.

Salto’s SVN (Salto Virtual Network) data-on-card solution transforms access control by shifting data from locks to smart credentials populated with users’ credentials via encrypted RFID technology. Salto BLUEnet Wireless access control provides real-time links to the cloud with standalone, battery-powered smart locks. JustIN Mobile replaces physical keys or cards with digital ‘keys’ sent to verified iOS or Android devices. These phones then use BLE (Bluetooth LE) and NFC to activate electronic locks around your site.

Robust Hardware for New Builds or Retrofit Doors

Homelok’s multifamily product range combines proven robustness, the highest quality materials, the latest technologies, and elegant design—making it suitable for a wide range of access control applications.

Homelok’s cloud-based management software provides ultimate control and blends seamlessly with operations. Using either a web-based or a mobile app, operational challenges and security risks can be completely eliminated. The mobile and web applications offer:

  • A safe and convenient environment for all property management operations, providing property managers with the latest resident access information for all doors in the property.
  • The ability to easily administer resident key cards, revoke access, or eliminate lost user key cards.
  • 24/7 monitoring with alerts and full remote management capabilities from a single interface connecting to all properties, units, users, and access points.
  • Industry-leading security practices, including advanced encryption, to provide users with a secure and seamless keyless and mobile experience.
  • The ability to give, change, and remove users’ keys remotely without being physically present.
  • The ability to unlock or lock access points remotely in real-time from their mobile phone, tablet, and laptop.


Transcend the User Experience with Digital Keys and Mobile Access

Digital keys replace the hassle of physical keys, offering fast, easy, and secure access for users. Residents, staff, and visitors can use their smartphones to lock or unlock doors, enhancing convenience and security. Benefits of digital keys include:

  • Fast, easy to use, convenient, and secure access
  • Instant and smart deployment of keys for staff, guests, visitors, or residents
  • Advanced privacy and security features protect access
  • Safe access to any door anywhere
  • Streamlines access control, reduces plastic waste, and solves lost key problems


Embracing the Future

With a focus on seamless integrations and future-proof technology, Salto has created a new standard for property management in the multifamily housing market. "The goal is to let people in—in a safer,

more convenient, and smarter way," says Preston Grutzmacher. As the demand for advanced, secure, and convenient living solutions continues to grow, building owners and managers must embrace these technologies to stay competitive and provide the best possible experience for their residents.

The multifamily housing market is evolving rapidly, and the need for advanced access control systems has never been greater. By adopting modern, keyless, mobile-ready, and highly secure solutions, building owners and managers can enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and provide a superior living experience for residents. Salto Systems’ innovative products and platforms, such as the DBolt and Homelok, offer the perfect solutions for properties of all types and sizes. Embrace the future of access control and transform your property into a secure, convenient, and technologically advanced community.

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