The University of Oklahoma receives its first residential colleges

The residential communities were designed by KWK Architects and combine living and learning amenities.

October 13, 2017 |
The exterior of Dunham College

KWK Architects and ADG Architects recently completed work on Headington and Dunham residential colleges at the University of Oklahoma. The $75 million residential colleges are the first on the Norman, Okla., campus.

Headington and Dunham are designed as living/learning spaces to provide students with a sense of community and identity within the larger university. Before construction began, students were surveyed to determine optimal rental prices, unit sizes, room configurations, and desired amenities.

Each building features a faculty master apartment and office, dormitories, private parking, seminar/conference rooms, lounges, study areas, libraries, and dining rooms.

“The residential floors must offer a wide variety of room types that are enticing for freshman as well as upperclassmen to increase retention and engagement with the residential college," says Paul Wuennenberg, AIA, LEED APA, Principal, KWK Architects, in a release.

The buildings are connected by a communal dining area and storm shelter. Each residential college has its own motto, colors, crest, and athletic teams. The Cherokee Gothic style, featured on several other buildings across the campus, influenced the architectural design.

The university's most recent semester opened with 600 upperclassmen, 300 in each building. A dedication ceremony was held on Oct. 11.

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