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Unilock makes major investment in the Québec market

Unilock makes major investment in the Québec market

The transaction is the continuation of an alliance that began in 2013.

By Unilock | May 24, 2021

Unilock Ltd. and Rocvale Inc. are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement whereby Unilock has acquired a majority interest in Rocvale. This transaction is the continuation of an alliance that began in 2013. It will allow Rocvale to meet the challenge to have a product offering that is constantly on the cutting edge of innovation.

“This acquisition by Unilock will allow Rocvale to fully benefit from the tremendous synergies that will arise within the Unilock group of companies and I’m excited and proud to see Rocvale becoming part of the Unilock family,” said Pierre Normandin, President of Rocvale.

About Unilock
Founded in 1972, Unilock was the first company to manufacture and sell paving stones in North America. Over the past fifty years, Unilock has been recognized as the industry leader in innovation, first to market with permeable products, tumbled pavers, face mix manufacturing, exclusive licensed products and a string of patented technologies, most recently the U-Cara Multiface Wall System. Today, with billions of stones in the ground, the Unilock name is synonymous with high quality, leading-edge paving stones and retaining walls. Unilock operates in the U.S. and Canada with regional head offices in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, Boston and New York. It remains a family-owned and operated business, backed by family values and a commitment to quality and innovation.

About Rocvale
Rocvale is located in Acton Vale, Québec and has been designing and manufacturing landscaping products with a goal of delighting residential and commercial customers with products that offer excellence in their architectural design and performance. In 2013, Rocvale entered into a marketing alliance to distribute and sell product manufactured by Unilock in the province of Québec market.


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