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U.K. business leaders call for zero-carbon buildings by 2030

Real estate, construction industry executives among those supporting the goal.

April 09, 2018 |
Power plant and smokestack

A group of more than 50 business leaders in the United Kingdom have called on the government to set a goal of mandating zero-carbon buildings by 2030.

The goal would be to reduce all energy use as far as technically possible, with the remaining energy demand to be met through renewables. The letter making the recommendation was signed by a wide range of investors, property developers, manufacturers, and construction industry executives.

The letter says that U.K. buildings currently contribute 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions and that reducing this number can help meet the commitments of the Paris climate agreement. The construction and property sector “stands ready to deliver on bold targets for energy performance and low carbon solutions,” according to the document.

The head of the U.K. Green Business Council says that there have not been changes to Building Regulations since 2014, and that the scrapping of the zero carbon policy in 2015 was both “confusing and unnecessary.”

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