Transforming Downtown Puyallup

Project Includes a Five-Story, 53,000-Square-Foot City Hall Building

May 05, 2008 |

Construction is well along on a project that is helping to change the face of downtown Puyallup, Wash.

The city of Puyallup signed an agreement in February 2006 with Egis, Mithun and Skanska to build a new city hall on South Meridian Street across from the Puyallup Library.

Known as the Puyallup City Hall Block Project, it includes a five-story, 53,000-square-foot city hall building that will consolidate the city's administrative functions and provide extensive public meeting spaces plus a two-story, 279-stall parking garage that will accommodate city employees and visitors. A courtyard on the rooftop of the garage will be accessible to employees and the public. Other features include a park-like throughway and plaza from 2nd Avenue to Meridian Street, known as Pioneer Passage; and Meridian Street improvements that will connect the city hall block to Pioneer Park. Plans are also under way for privately developed mixed-use buildings on the block.

Total project costs including construction of a parking garage and surface parking; improvements to S. Meridian Street; Pioneer Park improvements; construction of a plaza and courtyard; and furnishings are not to exceed $40 million.

Completion of the Puyallup City Hall project is expected in August 2008.

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