Top 10 health technology hazards include some influenced by space design

ECRI Institute’s annual list includes operational and workflow issues.

June 10, 2016 |

Misuse of USB ports is one of the major health technology hazards of 2016. Photo: Aidan C. Siegel/Wikimedia Commons.

ECRI Institute’s 2016 Health Technology Hazards list includes items that could be somewhat alleviated by space design.

For example, number four, “Inadequate surveillance of monitored patients in a telemetry setting,” might be improved with better positioning of staff stations relative to patient rooms to encourage more consistent monitoring. Number two, “Missed alarms,” due to so-called alarm fatigue, could likewise be remediated with optimal floor configurations.

Designers should also take other hazards on the list into account. For instance, the number one issue, “Inadequate cleaning of flexible endoscopes,” could impact the location of and number of areas dedicated to cleaning this equipment.

Other hazards include “Misuse of USB ports,” pertaining to using unauthorized devices and plugging them into USB ports on medical equipment, and “Insufficient training on operating room (OR) technologies.”

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