Three-tiered, 57-story high-rise development from Arquitectonica coming to Miami

The structure will be the tallest building in the Edgewater District

July 12, 2016 |

Photo Courtesy or Arquitectonica via Arch Daily

With a Modernist appearance resembling the Olympic torch thanks to a three-tiered exterior structure and a floor plan that grows larger the higher up one goes, Elysee Residences is set to become the tallest structure in the Miami district of Edgewater.

The newly released design comes from the project’s architect, Arquitectonica, Arch Daily reports. Additionally, Jean-Louis Deniot and Two Roads Development are also part of the Building Team.

The structure’s three tiers are meant to divide the building into three vertical neighborhoods (which may be a bit of a disconcerting idea for anyone who read the 1975 British novel High-Rise or saw the recent movie adaptation) and will consist of 100 half- and full-floor luxury condominiums that include between three and five bedrooms. Each unit will have direct water views.

Construction is planned to begin at 700 NE 23rd St in Miami in the next few months with a target completion date in 2018.

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