Texas Goes Bigger with High-Profile Community Rowing House

Community rowing club chooses sustainable cladding for its modern rowing house

October 09, 2012 |

When the opportunity arose to introduce a progressive new look for the newly constructed Austin Boathouse, Joseph LaRocca knew that he had the perfect product solution to create an innovative design primarily for performance rating and clean modern appearance. Located in downtown Austin, the Austin Boathouse is the home of the Austin Rowing Club, a non-profit organization promoting the sport of rowing in Austin, Texas. The Austin Boathouse was a three-year high-profile project, centrally located and surrounded by active biking and running trails, used by thousands of residents each day.

LaRocca, principal architect at GSC Architects, chose to base the project design on the Nichiha panels because of the aesthetics and qualities of the panels, including the modular design; sustainability of materials; clean, crisp reveals; and the ability to utilize custom colors to fit the surrounding community. 

“The design of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department Boathouse required a durable exterior material capable of withstanding weathering effects and community wear-and-tear,” commented LaRocca. “The City of Austin wanted a structure that made a visual statement, and that utilized sustainable materials.  In the end, the Nichiha panels hit all of the goals, and helped create a building that the citizens of Austin will be proud stewards of for many years to come.”


Joseph LaRocca

GSC Architects


Austin, TX

Project Type

New Construction


Illumination Series

Project Features

  • Clean, Modern Look
  • Color Xpressions System
  • Modularity
  • Sustainability
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Modified Rainscreen System
  • Cost Savings

Panel thickness, modularity, and rainscreen approach to cladding were key attributes to the utilization of Nichiha panels. Nichiha’s Illumination Series Panels with Color Xpressions (color customization) were a perfect choice to reflect the image of the city and create a standout focal point for a locally known landmark. The Illumination Series panels provide a durable and versatile design, with a modern look and feel, complementing the current community landscape, at the fraction of the price of metal panels.

“We love the look of the Nichiha Illumination panels. We wanted the clean, modern look of metal, and Nichiha was the only manufacturer who could accomplish the aesthetic we wanted and remain environmentally-friendly,” stated LaRocca.


To find durable, modern-looking panels with the design aesthetics and qualities to compliment the surrounding community.


The Illumination Series panels provided a durable, sustainable and versatile design, with a clean crisp modern look and feel, complementing the current community landscape, at the fraction of the price of metal panels.


Nichiha was able to provide the client with the desired look and feel to complement the Austin Boathouse, utilizing high-performance, and durable exterior cladding panels. +

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