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The Technology Report 2014: Top tech tools and trends for AEC professionals

Advanced robotics, 3D printers, drones, data-driven design, BIM/VDC, and more!

February 14, 2014 |
RMIT University's Design Hub, Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Neal Jennings

In this special five-part report, Building Design+Construction explores how Building Teams throughout the world are utilizing advanced robotics, 3D printers, drones, data-driven design, and breakthroughs in building information modeling to gain efficiencies and create better buildings. 


Robots, drones, and printed buildings: The promise of automated construction

Building Teams across the globe are employing advanced robotics to simplify what is inherently a complex, messy process—construction. >>> Read the article   



The Big Data revolution: How data-driven design is transforming project planning

There are literally hundreds of applications for deep analytics in planning and design projects, not to mention the many benefits for construction teams, building owners, and facility managers. We profile some early successful applications. >>> Read the article   



5 tech trends transforming BIM/VDC

From energy modeling on the fly to prefabrication of building systems, these advancements are potential game changers for AEC firms that are serious about building information modeling.  >>> Read the article



Crowdsourced Placemaking: How people will help shape architecture 

The rise of mobile devices and social media, coupled with the use of advanced survey tools and interactive mapping apps, has created a powerful conduit through which Building Teams can capture real-time data on the public. For the first time, the masses can have a real say in how the built environment around them is formed—that is, if Building Teams are willing to listen. >>> More commentary from David Barista, BD+C's Editor-in-Chief



DOE, Autodesk team to overhaul the EnergyPlus simulation program

The update will allow a larger ecosystem of developers to contribute updates to the code in order to improve performance and decrease the time required to run energy model simulations. >>> Read the article

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